Upcoming events/training from HR and others:

September 18 thru October 13: Your Benefits Open Enrollment month is now!

The wellness of our employees is important and we encourage you take this time to ensure your benefits are aligned with your individual and family’s health needs. The CSU annual Open Enrollment period is September 18 through October 13 (ending at 5PM sharp). If you don't need to make changes to your benefits, you don’t need to do anything: current selections will automatically continue.  However, if you want to enroll or continue participating in the Health Care Reimbursement Accounts, you must re-enroll every year. The SF State Benefits team will conduct Open Enrollment in-person sessions to help employees with questions. The last in-person session is Wed., October 4th, 12PM -3:00PM in the Library, room 286.  For additional benefit information on 2023 Open Enrollment please visit the calstate.edu/openenrollment website.


September 22: First Aid, CPR, AED Training or Recertification for employees

Provided by EHS: This course is broken up into two 4-hour sessions and will cover the following:  Airway Management, Rescue Breathing, CPR, First Aid, Personal Protective Equipment and Automated External Defibrillator. Check the EHS website for details and how to RSVP here: (link)


September 27 at 5:30PM: Your Financial Health- Patelco’s Guide to Discovering Membership Perks 

Providing you with educational resources at Patelco you need to increase your financial health. There will be a little something for everyone- Investing tools, trust and will resources, health savings accounts, fraud prevention resources, community resource info, auto loan discount opportunities and more. You will be delighted and surprised by what is available to you! 5 attendees will be selected at random for a $25 e-gift card. REGISTER HERE


October 18 at 10:00AM - Campus Staff Forum

Staff are invited to attend the next Staff Forum of the semester on Wednesday, Oct18th, 2023, from 10AM - 11AM via Zoom. All staff (who are not MPP or faculty) are encouraged to attend. Hosted by Human Resources, this forum welcomes President Mahoney with updates on the Strategic Plan and other important updates. RSVP for the Zoom link via Qualtrics HERE.

  • Did you miss the last one? Find the presentation shown here: Campus Staff Forums Fall 2022-2023 
  • These forums are not recorded, due to any personal information shared during comments.
  • These forums are offered monthly. Upcoming dates for 2023 are (all Wednesdays, 10am - 11am): November 15, December 13


October 18 - Planning for Retirement via CalPERS from 1:00PM - 4:00PM

This 3-hour session covers alot of details. Presented by Mary Saw, it will include:

  • Types of Retirement
  • Pension Formulas and calculations
  • Payment options
  • Steps in planning your retirement

All CalPERS-eligible employees are invited to attend. RSVP here: CalPERS Retirement Session

Need info sooner? Make a virtual appointment to meet with Mary Saw at msaw@sfsu.edu, or, attend a general CalPERS class virtually or in-person. Check their website for dates and details using the Education tab here: CalPERS website


Oct 19 from 10AM - 12PM - University Budget Committee meeting

The University Budget Committee (UBC) invites all campus members to attend the next meeting on Thursday, Oct. 19 from 10am – 12pm via Zoom. Topics are always interesting, never boring! This meeting will highlight divisional budget strategies. Find all UBC information on the webpage (link), including slides from past presentations.  *Additionally, UBC members who are staff and faculty, will host “UBC Office Hours” on Friday, the day after the meeting (Oct. 20 from 11am - 12pm) where you can share thoughts about budget-related topics or clarify anything heard at meetings. Office Hours also held via Zoom. These virtual meetings and Office Hours welcome persons with disabilities and may provide reasonable accommodations upon request. RSVP to the UBC meeting and/or Office Hours here: ubc@sfsu.edu 


    November ___ (date TBA): Employee Fee Waiver & Tuition Reduction Program Presentation

    The Human Resources Benefits team will host a 1-hour a virtual presentation on the Tuition Fee Waiver Program via Zoom.  The program provides an opportunity for eligible employees or their dependents to take classes at a CSU campus at a reduced rate. For employees, this can help with career development, undergraduate or graduate degrees. For your dependent, find out how much you can save with enrollment at any CalState campus.  REGISTER HERE for the Fee Waiver Presentation.

    (Need info now? The slides are posted to the webpage, top right corner): https://hr.sfsu.edu/employee-fee-waiver-reduction-program  

      * Ways to use your employee Fee Waiver:

    Interested in obtaining your Master's Degree in Public Administration (MPA)? Attend a virtual Info Session and find out what the MPA degree can offer you: a rigorous curriculum of public and nonprofit management and leadership, with flexibility in areas like data analytics, sustainability studies, and crisis management. The MPA program is steeped in diversity and social justice values. For more info, email pace@sfsu.edu or attend an info session via Zoom on OCT 6, noon - 1:00 pm or OCT 16, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm. Access these via Zoom here: (link)  Meeting ID: 825 2627 6396  Passcode: 694653


    November 3 and November 17 – Safe Zone Ally Training for Staff/Faculty/Administrators

    This is a (virtual) 2-part Safe Zone Ally training for Staff/Faculty/Administrators. Participants must attend both dates (see details below). Contact Rick Nizzardini at rnizzard@sfsu.edu to register. 


    December 1: First Aid, CPR, AED Training or Recertification for employees

    Provided by EHS: This course is broken up into two 4-hour sessions and will cover the following:  Airway Management, Rescue Breathing, CPR, First Aid, Personal Protective Equipment and Automated External Defibrillator. Check the EHS website for details and how to RSVP here: (link)


    DID YOU KNOW (from Human Resources):

    How to access your PayStubs and W2's anytime using Cal Employee Connect

    As a California State University (CSU) employee, you are paid through the California State Controller's Office. By using their website (https://cecpilot.sco.ca.gov/), you can download your pay stub or W2. To get started, register a new acount on their website . Please refer to the User’s Guide for detailed instructions, as you'll need some information from your HR Self Service portal on our Gateway to access your data.  For further questions, please feel free to contact the Payroll Representative for your area.


    Find the help you may need anytime, via your EAP (therapy, financial consulting and more)

    Did you know your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers you (eight) 8 free visits with a local therapist, as well as a bunch of other ways to support you personally? Kickstart your mental wellness by taking advantage of this free benefit. Each person in your family who lives with you is also eligible for their own. Issues brewing at home? Teen angst? Parenting support? Addiction concerns? Depression, anxiety? Let your EAP benefit help you meet with a professional licensed provider. Options available by phone, virtual and in-person. Call (800) 367-7474 or access services on the website (https://hr.sfsu.edu/employee-assistance-program-eap), Password: sfsu. Additionally, EAP offers more for you and your family such as unlimited work/life resources, referrals for childcare/eldercare, financial consulting such as personal budgeting and retirement investment guidance, mortgage, loan and debt management advice, legal consulting related to consumer and family law, traffic citations and estate planning. Use these free services to get what you need this summer. Questions? Contact our Human Resources Benefits team at benefits@sfsu.edu 


    Connect with our campus employees via our Employee Resource Groups! 

    Our Employee Resource Groups can help you find like-minded colleagues across campus who share common interests: join the Alumni Assoc., Black Faculty & Staff Assoc., LGBTQ Faculty/Staff/Allies, Parents Club, Chinese American Faculty & Staff Assoc., Staff Council, Raza Faculty & Staff Assoc., Fit Plus and more! Find them all here: https://hr.sfsu.edu/employee-resource-groups,


    Nearing retirement? Turning 65 soon? Attend a Medicare Seminar (for CalPERS-eligible employees)

    Kaiser Permanente is offering a webinar for CalPERS-eligible employees and retirees. You don’t need to be a Kaiser member to access these seminars. You'll learn how Medicare works: Parts A, B, C, and D, how to know if you are eligible, when to enroll in Medicare or switch plans. If you’re about to retire you’ll also learn about how your coverage can change when you retire and what to do if you plan to keep working after age 65. A question and answer session will be held at the end. A Kaiser Permanente consultant will conduct the webinar. This is open to employees/retirees with any CalPERS health carrier. Please register for workshops here (link) After registration, you will receive an email with log-in information. All webinars are recorded and you will receive a copy to watch on-demand.


    Looking for Professional Development?

    Check our options here: https://hr.sfsu.edu/professional-development 



    November 3 and November 17 – Safe Zone Ally Training for Staff/Faculty/Administrators

    This is a (virtual) 2-part Safe Zone Ally training for Staff/Faculty/Administrators. Participants must attend both days, 1:00pm – 4:00pm. The program’s mission is to foster a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable campus environment by building a support network for people of all gender and sexual identities. Safe Zone allies are active and visible volunteers who are open to talking to members of the LGBTQ+ community in a confidential and supportive environment. (http://safezone.sfsu.edu/) Register for the training and become a SF State Safe Zone Ally, and encourage your colleagues to do the same. Contact Rick Nizzardini at rnizzard@sfsu.edu to register. 


    DocuSign Fundamentals Training

    Quality Assurance is excited to invite you to the hour-long DocuSign Fundamentals Zoom Training for SF State employees. In this session, you will receive hands-on DocuSign education and learn how to use the tool for SF State transactions. The customized training guide is served as a self learning tool of our virtual training. Access their website here (link).


    DRUPAL support from Information Technology Services (ITS)


    Active Threat Training

    The San Francisco State University Police Department provides Active Threat Training to the campus community to better prepare our community in case of an active threat/shooter situation. Please refer to resources found on their website here (link). For more information about the training please contact: upd@sfsu.edu.


    Setting up your Avaya softphone:

    Whether you have a phone on tour desk or are using the "softphone" version on your laptop, ITS can help you configure to how it will work best for you. The Avaya Workplace client is software that can be installed on your computer or mobile device. It provides portable desk phone functionality. Learn more about it here so you can enable your Telecom communications here: (link)


    Housing Workshops, thru September, offered by BALANCE

    BALANCE currently offers Housing Workshops for clients in San Francisco AND outside of the San Francisco area. For San Francisco clients: Certificate of Homebuyer Education for San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development’s Programs. In order to qualify for the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development’s programs, you must obtain a Certificate of Homebuyer Education. The certificate can only be obtained by completing ten hours of homebuyer education. Information can be found here: https://www.balancepro.org/workshops/ 




    (looking for something in particular you'd like to see here? Email ganner@sfsu.edu)