SF State Staff Years of Service Recognition

The annual Staff Years of Service Recognition Program is dedicated to honoring staff members who have reached service milestones in 5 year benchmarks and continue to fulfill the University's mission.  Join us in thanking and congratulating the 2022 honorees for all their hard work, commitment and service to SF State! 



Three male employees eating lunch at a table smiling
Staff onstage with President Mahoney
Group of male and female employees sitting at lunch together

2022 Staff Years of Service honorees (celebrated in 2023):

40 Years of Service

Leonard C Metts


35 Years of Service

Denise Miyajima

Mira S Pasikov

Georgianna Wong


25 Years of Service

Myla Adeva

Alvin N Alvarez

Humberto Arreguin

Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Patricia T Devera

Carmen R Domingo

Bernadette Humphrey

Rowena Manalo

Arne Nordh

Andrea Y Olson

Kelly M Vuong


20 Years of Service

Joshua D Calder

Crystal Kam

Sahar Khoury

Yvonne Le

Nancy B Robinson

Guilaine Salomon

Amy H Sueyoshi

Arik Unnikrishnan


15 Years of Service

Katsufumi Araki

Jesus Eduar Cerpa

Alexander Cherian

Ruth N Cortez

Mallorie Desimone

Jenifer A Graff

Min Yi Huang

Fumiko Izumi

Paul A Jackson

Colin Leasure

Michael J Mccourt

Mary E Menees

Sammy Mucha

Adria O’Dea

Martin Ortiz-Cataldo

Charles O’Sullivan

Raman Paul

Michael Ponce

Noah G Price

Steve C Puig

Jeffre Rosenstock

Devi Ruslani-Reyes

Jill M Russell

Gitanjali Shahani

Jim Tay

Bao M Tong

Paul O Wilson

Than Than H Win

Amber M Wehrer


10 Years of Service

Soumyaa K Behrens

Emily Beitiks

Sarah Blaser

Gina N Caprari

Healy Chen

Anna Deck

Andrea Guidara

Christopher Morring

Julie Paez

Mia Segura

Jennifer D Waller


5 Years of Service

Bibiana Arriola

Sameer Bhasin

Tara M Boehm

Kathryn M Bruin

Alexander Chang

Kelly Chow

Quentin Clark

Antonella Cortez

Tony Flores

Kendra C Harris

Sandra Henao

Jisel M Iglesias

Torey Jacques

Michell Jungbluth

Karin L Knowles

Stephanie E Kong

Alexander Kulik

Devon Labelle

Tachelle Herron Lane

Angela Lipschuetz

Sarah Anne Nelson

Jeanne Oh

Robyn Ollodort

Saroj Quinn

Maria S Villarica

Katie Vogt

Ashley K Wolff

Kimberly Yagi

25 Years of Service

Aimee M Arica

Shelley Cole

Tuan Do

Jason Huynh

Patricia Malespin

Dania S Russell

Elizabeth Stikkers

Deanna Y Tam

Linda E Vadura

Alvaro J Vivas


20 Years of Service

Fernando Cardenas

Vicky L Flores

Gordon Y Lum

Ricardo Martinez

Juan Torres Mendoza


15 Years of Service

Yang Kuang Cai

Anna A Cobo-Mier

John R Del Buono

Ramiro Larios

Mo Ping Lee Fung

William T Mac

Sophia Manangbao

Romeo Martinez Duran

Dana Nguyen

Ricky Garci Paran

Michelle Tam

Conrad C Tobias

Stephanie Velasquez

Ivan N Wong


10 Years of Service

Oren Brown

Chu Chin

Srikanth Danapal

Cristobal Ferrusca

Kui Juan Gong

Ry Hour

Wilson C Kuo

Stella L Kwok

Michael Liles

Manish Malik

Jeff J Mancilla

Jose G Mariscal

Joe Parks

Arnold M Rebucas

Ricardo V Sibuyan

Nhien Vy

Sak Fay Yee


5 Years of Service

Mary Milady Cabrera-Brohmi

David Carranza Murillo

Juliana Cayetano

Steven Chang

Yuichun Cho

Christopher Clark

Adriano Doble

Meiai Gao

George Haris

Meiyue He

Karyn Kar-Y Huynh

Hossian Jahani

Alexandr Kagan

Catherine Kim

Thao T Le

Xin Yu Liang

Liya Lin

Stephen Long

Martha Luna

Garrett P Mcgurty

Austin Mcwhorter

Cesar Andres Mozo

Binh Nguyen

Diep Thi N Nguyen

Joel Padilla

Martha Paul

Theresa A Pollard

Hernan A Rivera

Aleksey Sobinin

Wai Ling Tang

Yolanda (Lola) P Thomas

Alexander D Turla

Sorhea Ung

Artemio Valencia

John F Wilkins

Jeffery D Wilson

Matthew Yee

Judy Hang L Yu


30 Years of Service

Alan G Fisk


25 Years of Service

Chanh Q Dinh

Rogelio Manaois


20 Years of Service

Karen R Arquero


15 Years of Service

Keina Banks

Timothy M Barber

Mai Bui

Michelle F Hong

Long Luc

Djajadi Pamudji

Miguel Reyes Fuentes

Offalyn V Samatra

Brian Sharber

Stella Siu


10 Years of Service

Vincent Lam

Kirsten M Stewart

Enrique Vera Cruz

Edelweiss Yee

Daniel E Zarceno


5 Years of Service

Hipolito Arteaga Jr

Thomas Banh

Brandon T Davis

Denmark P Diaz

Lorraine G Diaz

Xiaowen Jiang

Jordan Murray

Kim N Nguyen

William A Ojakian

Jennia Delos Reyes

Jessica Robinson

Emmanuel Vallero

20 Years of Service

Barry Jodatian

Lily Zhang


15 Years of Service

Sandra Aguilar

Mark S Angstman

Charlene Gee

Caitlin D Steele

Anthony Victoria


5 Years of Service

Maritza Delgadillo

Raymond Fang

Boris Nemirovskiy

Jenny Tu

25 Years of Service

Hao Khuu


15 Years of Service

Alex N Sanchez


10 Years of Service

Gerard Enriquez

David C Fierberg

Venesia Thompson Ramsay


5 Years of Service

Marciana Flores Atkinson

Julianne Zuniga

View the Staff Years of Service Recognition Event Photos here: 

Thank you all for your dedicated years of service to San Francisco State University! 

Service Recognition Guidelines

Who is eligible?

  • Staff & Administrators (MPP)

What service is counted?

  • Consecutive Part-time and full-time appointments

  • Temporary, probationary and permanent appointments (with the exceptions outlined below)

What service is not counted?

  • Hourly Staff, Auxiliary Staff, Student assistant, Teaching Associate, Graduate Assistant, and Instructional Student Assistant service & Faculty are not eligible.

  • Casual Worker and Special Consultant service is not eligible.

  • Service at another CSU or state agency

  • breaks in service 

How are service years determined and recognized?

  • The Years of Service Staff Recognition Program recognizes staff members and administrators who have reached service milestones in 5 year benchmarks each calendar year (January 1 – December 31) and honors the time served the following year.

Why does it look like my State Service or CalPERS Service does not match my service recognition?

  • State service and/or CalPERS service is calculated differently than service recognition time.  State service and/or CalPERS service may include employment at outside agencies.

What do I need to do to ensure my time is counted correctly or if I feel I should be receiving an award?