SF State Staff Years of Service Recognition

The annual Staff Years of Service Recognition Program is dedicated to honoring staff members who have reached service milestones in 5 year benchmarks and continue to fulfill the University's mission.  Join us in thanking and congratulating the 2021 honorees for all their hard work, commitment and service to SF State! 



Employees enjoying a celebratory brunch together.
Employees together onstage with former President Wong.
Employees and leaders giving a standing applause.

35 Years of Service

John Elia

Susan Shimanoff  


30 Years of Service

Diana Rumjahn

Fiona Ngo

Doris Flowers


25 Years of Service

Mary Madden

Wynn Huynh

Christopher Novak

Jeffrey O’Toole

Carol Brewer

Tina Easter

Christopher Clark

Sophie Clavier

Todd Roehrman

Andrew Roderick


20 Years of Service

Suong Tuyet Nguyen

Joseph Benjamin

Jennifer Daly

Kimberley Altura

Teresa Ta

Ho Yao

Kirk Schaible

Claudia Murcia

DeMauriae Vaughn

Lynette Mitchell

David Woo

Charlene Ngo

Steven Macaris

Baseemah Rahman

Sharon Bliss


15 Years of Service

Holden Leung

Roger Dang

Maria Garrido-De La Cruz

Theodore King

Mallorie Desimone

Henry Flynn

Sachiko Halper

Afitap Boz

Michael Wong

Juan Covarrubias

Rose Arbulu

Megan Hong

Nalini Libby

Joel Picazo

Corinne Chen


10 Years of Service

Heather Hall

Noortan Hatifi

Clive Hayzelden

Sarah Blaser

Russell McArthur

Matthew Martin

Audrey Parangan-Smith

Susan Kazarian

Catherine Middlen

Alexis Cabrera

Ying Luen Tong


5 Years of Service

Alex Orr

Swati Paul

Joshua Allen

Michael Broder

Yuen Lee

Aliceth-Jingya Liang

Gaelan Spor

Khaled Ezzat

Marisol Del Rio

Herman Lee

Jasmin Bomanjee

Gina James

Karl Murphy

Nolan Muna

Michael Scott

Candi Lau

Claude Bartholomew

Gary Straub

Steve Pedersen

Sutee Sujitparapitaya

Shuang Lin

Andrew Harris

Deb Perry

Demetrios Bosniadis

Singing Chen

Chelsea Prieto

Tami Hua

Deborah Chang

Cori Miller

Arthur Farkas

Michelle Sim

40 Years of Service

Maria Suarez


35 Years of Service

Lyly Chen

Vicky Nguyen

Isaias Gamez


30 Years of Service

Gloria Tseung

Tiffany Cheng


25 Years of Service

Julio Rodriguez

Santos Lara

Roldan Paran

Courtney Cheng

Andrew Nguyen

Michelle Anolin

Elsie Bondoc


20 Years of Service

Samuel Ly

Jin Xia

Edwin Critchlow

Shirley Campos

Alexis Wilson

Jennifer Khuu

Mei Cai

Domingo Igtanloc

Minh-Ngoc Nguyen

Amanda Tobias

Jose Rodriguez

Young Kim

Phillip Magrini

Kenneth Piper

David Hagstrom

Elisa Wong

Jorge Zarceno

Kam Ping Seeto

Mark Polishchuk


15 Years of Service

Agnes Cheng

Christopher Hipona

John Lew

Fu Zhen Lin

Jaime Reyes

Quan Van

Reji Titus

Li Liu

Belinda Chan

Oscar Lopez Ayala

James Watson

Juan Garay

Rocio Flores Dubon

Xiu Lei

Alvaro Martinez

Santos Molina

Ming Zhang

Chi Kuan

Joey Apigo

Jian Dou Chen

Huan Lei

Daniel Tam

Andrea Nguyen

Phillip Yee

Gilbert Lee


10 Years of Service

Duy Trang

Carl Shaver

Derrick Lee

Ei Than

Lin Lee

James Leung


5 Years of Service

Arturo Jr Del Rio

John Gates

David Liou

Jorge Low-Fung

Jinyi Chen

Edwin Diwa

Meiyue He

Ryan Kincaid

Chris Long

Jaime Gomez

Juan Alvarez

Nikkie Mae Guevarra

Artemio Valencia

Scott Dahlman

Cheryl Leung

Jeff Madigan

Glenda Niven

Dilon Reynolds

Bernice Yeh

Jason Deang

Shruti Bhandakkar

Thura De Lopez

Jihad Totah

Carl Wind

30 Years of Service

Linda Meier


25 Years of Service

Lena Song

Lien Ho

Quyen Luu

Reginald Parson

Karl Tang


20 Years of Service

Cynthia Ugarte

Eugene Chelberg

Emiliano Balistreri


15 Years of Service

Thanh-Nguyet Vo

Mirel Tikkanen

Mei-Ling Wang

Jimmie Wilder

Zachary Donohue

Rosemary Flynn

Yuanmei Zhang

Bryce Schussel

Jamil Sheared


10 Years of Service

Yenisei Katrin Adelantar

Chanda Jensen

Allison Guerra

Paula Hsieh

Franklin Skinner


5 Years of Service

Ana Leveron

Taleen Moughamian

Zoya Volpe

Maisoon Alghethy

Jiki Brian Malaqui

Lolita Montes

Sarah Pishny-Foster

25 Years of Service

Rosa Barragan


15 Years of Service

Rozan Soleimani

Jason Porth


5 Years of Service

Ricardo Angeles

Nicholas Holmes

20 Years of Service

Senem Evrim Ozer


15 Years of Service

Pui KI Kwong

Margaret O’Brien


5 Years of Service

Joel Streicker

Charlene Del Muro

Jamie Oppenheim

Amanda Todd

5 Years of Service

Noriko Lim-Tepper

Luis De Paz Fernandez

Haley Wilson-Seppa

Service Recognition Guidelines

Who is eligible?

  • Staff & Administrators (MPP)

What service is counted?

  • Part-time and full-time appointments

  • Temporary, probationary and permanent appointments (with the exceptions outlined below)

What service is not counted?

  • Student assistant, Teaching Associate, Graduate Assistant, and Instructional Student Assistant service & Faculty are not eligible.

  • Casual Worker and Special Consultant service is not eligible.

  • Service at another CSU or state agency

  • breaks in service 

How are service years determined and recognized?

  • The Years of Service Staff Recognition Program recognizes staff members and administrators who have reached service milestones in 5 year benchmarks each calendar year (January 1 – December 31) and honors the time served the following year.

Why does it look like my State Service or CalPERS Service does not match my service recognition?

  • State service and/or CalPERS service is calculated differently than service recognition time.  State service and/or CalPERS service may include employment at outside agencies.

What do I need to do to ensure my time is counted correctly or if I feel I should be receiving an award?