Performance Management Process

Performance management is an ongoing process that enables a two-way conversation with supervisors and employees. This encompasses performance evaluations, goal-setting, professional development planning, coaching, and feedback.

Deadline 2022/2023 Performance Evaluations July 31, 2023

Performance Evaluation Instructions and FAQs

1. Please read the Performance Evaluations full instructions.

Performance Evaluations Full Instructions

2. Please refer to the Performance Evaluations FAQs for any additional questions.

Performance Evaluations FAQs

3. (Optional) Refer to the Best Practices link for additional tips regarding how to prepare for the performance evaluation conversation, how to use concise and targeted language to define employee accomplishments and goals, and what to do after the performance evaluation conversation.

Best Practices for Managers and Employees to Prepare for Performance Evaluations

Annual Performance Evaluation PowerForms

*We are currently working with ITS and the DocuSign Support team to fix a PowerForm related issue. In the meantime, please start preparing for the Performance Evaluation process by reading the Instructions and the FAQs.  

MPP Annual Performance Evaluation

C99 Annual Performance Evaluation

CSUEU Annual Performance Evaluation

Unit 8 (SUPA) Annual Performance Evaluation

Unit 4 Annual Performance Evaluation

Unit 6 Annual Performance Evaluation