Payroll Basics

We are a service-oriented department committed to assisting employees and administrative departments.

  1. It’s not a check, it’s a WARRANT. The State Controller’s Office (SCO), which issues your pay, refers to paychecks as PAY WARRANTS.

  2. It comes from the State.  The SCO mails pay warrants to the campus. The warrants are distributed by University Cash Services to a designated member of your department.

  3. Your Pay Warrant is issued monthly.

    • Warrants for salaried faculty and staff members are usually issued on the last day of the month or the first day of the next month.

    • Hourly employees, student workers, shift differentials, bonuses, stipends, excess plus, and special payments are paid on the 15th of each month. If the 15th of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or University holiday, payday will be the prior business day.

    • If you are enrolled in Direct Deposit, you still get a monthly statement. Direct Deposit Advice is white rather than green, and the header says, “Direct Deposit Advice.” This document indicates the amount of the deposit and bank routing information.

    • For a detailed Pay Warrant Legend explaining your pay warrant, please use: Pay Warrant Legend

    • Note: Requests for duplicate pay stubs cannot be processed through Payroll. Please be sure to maintain any records you need.

Mandatory Payroll Deductions:

  1. Federal and State tax

  2. Medicare tax (1.45%), if applicable

  3. Social Security (6.2%), if applicable, to annual maximum earnings of $142,800.00 (2021)

  4. Retirement (percentage based on your contract), if applicable

  5. Flex-Admin fee, if applicable

  6. When an employee pays any portion of their health premium, the State Controller’s Office (SCO) charges an administrative fee of $0.17 to forward your payment to the insurance carrier.

  7. "Fair Share" or membership dues for union affiliation, if applicable; for more information, visit California State University Labor Relations Page

Voluntary Payroll Deductions:

  • Insurance
  • Membership dues
  • University Affiliated Charitable Contributions
  • Parking *


To make changes on your current tax withholding status for federal and state taxes by using 1. Cal Employee Connect (CEC)  OR   2.  Employee Action Request Form   


  1. Cal Employee Connect (CEC) Employee Services feature has expanded to include a Withholdings Change feature. The Withholdings Change feature has been created as an additional self-serve option. If you already have current Withholdings on file, you do not need to submit a new request through CEC.

        CEC Withholding Change Instruction

  1. Select or make changes to your tax withholding status for federal and state taxes by completing the Employee Action Request Form   (Instruction for Employee Active Request Form)

(Forms should be submitted at least 15 business days prior to your next payday for the change to take effect during the current reporting period)



You can use the following links to calculate the amount of taxes and other deductions taken from your Pay Warrant.


Pay Warrants are valid for one year from the date of issue.

If you have a pay warrant that is over one year old, contact Payroll Administration regarding reissuing the warrant. If your pay warrant is more than three years old, you must request a replacement warrant directly from:

State Board of Control Government Claims, 
PO Box 3035, Sacramento, CA 95812-3035
(800) 955-0045

If you have not received your Pay Warrant or advice or Direct Deposit, contact your department administrator.

  1. If you have had the pay warrant in your possession and it becomes lost, stolen or destroyed, come to the Office of Human Resources for assistance in completing an affidavit requesting a duplicate warrant.

  2. This form will then be submitted to the State Controller’s Office. Please keep in mind that it takes approximately 2-3 weeks for a duplicate warrant to be issued.

1. Eligibility: 

All active employees are eligible to sign up for Direct Deposit.


2. How to Enroll:  

  All new direct deposits and direct deposits changes will be done via Cal Employee Connect (CEC) ( CEC is a secure website developed by the State Controller of California for all state employees to review payment stubs and obtain W-2 information. New employees will receive their first payment as a live pay warrant. Information obtained from that warrant will be used to create an account with CEC.

 Please note the new Direct Deposit feature is an additional option for staff to submit a New/Change Direct Deposit request and will not affect employees already on direct deposit. One new enrollment or change request will be allowed every 30 days. For change requests do not close your original account until you can determine that your new direct deposit has taken effect.


To use the direct deposit service via CEC please follow the following steps”  


Select User Profile, Click Turn On MFA, and follow instructions within the application to download authenticator App to your phone and enjoy an extra layer of security to your CEC account.

Enable CEC MFA

Enroll or Change Direct Deposit:

CEC Direct Deposit Request

3. How the Cancel:

Contact your HR Payroll Representative or call 415-338-8152 immediately if your bank account had been hacked, canceled, or compromised.


4.  More direct deposit information:

Direct Deposit Important Information

Direct Deposit State Employee Video

Direct Deposit FAQ

When Do I Get Paid?

General Information:

  1. Annual W-2 Statements are mailed each January directly from the State Controller's Office to an employee’s address on record with Payroll Administration as of December 11th. To update your personal information use the SF State Gateway

  2. The November period is considered to be the last pay period of the tax year and the December pay period (warrant issued on January 1) is the first pay period of the new tax year.

  3. W-2's returned by the post office are kept on file in Payroll Administration. You may contact the office after February 1st to inquire if your W-2 was returned to the campus.

Requesting a Duplicate W-2 form:

  1. If you do not receive a W-2 Form, or if you need a duplicate W-2:

  2. If you have not received your W-2 by January 31, please verify your address on file with Human Resources on SF State Gateway

  3. Duplicate copies of W-2's can be requested from the State Controller's Office. Information is online: California State Controllers Office  Request a Duplicate Form W-2

  4. Paperless W-2 Available

Human Resources can best serve you if we have your most current information on file. Please check your personal information annually. If any of your personal information changes at any time, update as necessary by following these steps:

  1. Access the portal by signing in at SF State Gateway

  2. Find the Employee Services > HR Self Service > Launch HR Self Service > 

  3. Choose menu item My Personal Information

Information that can be updated via self-service includes:

    • Change Name (Preferred)

    • Change Home/Mailing Address

    • Change phone number(s)

    • Change Emergency Contact(s)

    • Change email address

Based on your Collective Bargaining Agreement and/or position, you may be eligible to earn vacation, sick leave, and state service Accruals after a qualifying pay period. Most new, full-time employees accrue 6 2/3 hours of vacation, 8 hours of sick leave, and one month of State Service for each qualifying pay period.

Accruals are posted on or around the 8th of the following month. You can view your balances by logging into the portal.

  1. Access the portal by signing in at SF State Gateway

  2. Find the Employee Services > HR Self Service > Launch HR Self Service > 

  3. Choose menu item My Benefits

  4. Choose Leave Balance

  5. For monthly activity, click on the Details icon in the last column.

  1. SELF REPORTERS:  Employees who report his/her own time and attendance in the system.  Ask your manager if you are a self reporter.

  2. NON-SELF-REPORTERS:  Report time and attendance to their manager and/or department timekeepers.
  3. Your department will provide training and procedures, as applicable.  Contact your department to obtain additional information.

All hours worked (e.g. regular, overtime, and shift differential) for hourly employees, and overtime and shift for salaried non-exempt employees are recorded on the Timesheet in the Time & Labor module.

Access Report your time guide