HR Projects

CHRS stands for the Common Human ​Resources System.

CHRS is a single Human Resources data management system for all 23 campuses in the CSU, plus the Chancellor's Office.

It includes upgrading to the latest version of PeopleSoft and adding custom modifications that will make it work for every campus in the CSU. 

With one system, there will be consistent technology across all campuses, and they will perform processes in the same way.​

On Going Activities

  • January Bi-Annual Check in
    On Jauary 28 2019, the CHRS team conducted a CHRS Bi-Annual project checkin (watch the presentation). Key takeways include:
  1. Revised timeline. The project team presented a revised project timeline. Click here to preview
  2. Revised CHRS Recruiting (PageUP) timeline. Click here to preview
  • Campus reviewing release 1 scope
    CHRS, the Common Human Resources System, is based on PeopleSoft 9.2 with modifications to make it work for campuses in the CSU system. These modifications (also called GRPs) have been designed by campus representatives, and are        being built by the Chancellor’s Office. In February, the CHRS Steering Committee met and approved the scope of CHRS Release 1, including the modifications to be included in the first release. For information on individual modification, please select, Design Review: Solution Design Summary Document


  • PageUp People (PageUp) implementation

    CHRS Recruiting is the formal name assigned to the PageUp implementation. On January 28th, the project team detailed the 2018 acomplishments as well as an updated timeline. Click here to preview.  


Planned Activities

  • Complete Wave Selection survey
  • Create a Campus Recruiting Implementation Team


Concluded Activities 

  • Solution Design Sessions (Dec 6th - Dec 8th, 2017)
  • Conduct end-to-end demostrations and testing of the refined prototype
  • Creating Final Drafts of Business Process Documentation
  • Conducting Functional Steering Committee (FSC) reviews and obtaining final approval for solution design
  • Finalizing solution design documentation
  • CHRS Design Review
  • Gathering and Reviewing Business Process requirements and Historical Information
  • Building Initial Prototype for Solution Design Workshops 
  1. Timeline - PDF : To preview SFSU's CHRS timeline
  2. Solution Design Session's activities and outputs - PDF

You will need Adobe Reader to view PDF files on this page; it is a free download from

The Case for Change

The 23 CSU campuses and the Chancellors Office currently operate an inefficient, disjointed Human Resource system (HRMS). CHRS is a collaborative effort by all 23 campuses to create a singular HRMS as well as standardize business processes. This effort includes "upgrading to the latest version of the PeopleSoft HR application and providing a consistent baseline of technology. In addition, the program will deliver a shared HR data warehouse that will be centrally developed and maintained, will include a core set of analytic tools (dashboards and reports), and will provide a data source for local campus data warehouses. 

CHRS will have many valuable benefits for the overall system and the campuses, including:

  • Access to the most current version of software available, which includes significant added new functionality;
  • Allows for more rapid deployment of new system functionality;
  • Common business practices across the campuses to provide administrative efficiencies and reduce modifications to the system;
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics at the campus and system levels;
  • Improved user experiences in the HR applications, including enabling future mobile access to HR services and improved recruiting and on-boarding capabilities; 
  • Alignment with the upgrade of the Campus Solutions (student system) that must take place.
  • Positions the CSU to consider cloud-based or other technology platforms in the future.

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