Death of a Family Member

If a member of your family dies, it's easy to overlook the benefits issues that require your attention. At this difficult time, this page will help you to keep track of action you need to take on benefits issues.

  • If you find yourself suddenly without health insurance because you were covered by the health plan of your deceased spouse or domestic partner, review your SF State  Health Plan, Dental Plan, and Vision Plan options, and enroll in the plan that meets your needs.
  • If losing your spouse or partner changes your financial situation and your eligibility for Medicaid or the State Children's Health Insurance Program, you have 60 days to make corresponding changes to health-related benefits.

Review and update your plan beneficiaries using the CalPERS Beneficiary Designation Form

In the Event of Your Death

Surviving spouses or partners should know the following:

If you have been an employee at SF State, and have a family membership in a medical plan at the time of your death, your surviving spouse may continue an individual or family membership at the current subsidized group rate until age 65. Your spouse's family membership will include only those family members covered at the time of your death. 

Surviving spouses or partners

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