Before you start

Welcome and thank you for choosing San Francisco State University. Before you start, here are some steps you can take to ease your transition to the university.

  • Visit our virtual and self-guided tour 
  • Print self-guided tour map
  • Ensure you have appropriate documents demonstrating your eligibility to work in the United States. You will be required to provide this documentation on your FIRST DAY of employment 
  • Learn about your different commuting and parking options.
  • Complete your background check initiated by Accurate Background

Human Resources will email you information regarding your first day of employment

San Francisco State University offers a wide range of benefits to faculty and staff. 

However, these are just the basic a small part of the extensive, award-winning offerings that help make your life healthy and happy as you grow together. 

To learn more click  SF State Benefits to explore the various programs available to you. And remember, you must sign up within 60 days of starting your job, so you'll want to get acquainted with your options as soon as possible.