Recruitment Policy for Positions of 180 Calendar Days or Less (No Posting Required) June 2009


This procedure is to identify the necessary steps required to make a short-term, less than 180 calendar day appointment.  There is no posting requirement to be met when utilizing this part of the Recruitment Policy No. 105.
The temporary appointment of an employee initially hired for less than 90 days, but not beyond, 180 calendar day, based upon the Collective Bargaining Agreement shall not require posting. The Hiring Supervisor shall notify Human Resources at least 30 days prior to the end of the 90-day temporary appointment to initiate formal posting procedures.
See guidelines on utilizing the Administrative Support Assistant and Coordinator Temporary Pool process.  The Temporary Pool process is used if there is no candidate in mind for the 180-day or less appointment.


Consult with an Employment Specialist prior to initiating an Emergency Hire.
To identify the classification, draft position description and consult the Classification & Compensation Coordinator.

The forms listed below must be submitted to Human Resources, Safety & Risk Management (HRSRM),  ADM 252,  prior to the appointment date:

  • Create an E-TRAC (Employee Transaction Relay and Capture) EmployeeHire (Indicate, Empl Class, Emergency Hire?)
  • For the appointment of less than one month, the incumbent must be paid at an hourly rate (Indicate, Empl Class as Intermittent?)
  • One original and one copy of a signed Position Description (HR 320A) with a recent/dated Organizational Chart attached to each
  • Completed and signed Work Schedule (HR Form #101)
  • Completed SF State University Staff Application (and resume, if available)
  • Two weeks prior to the conclusion of the Emergency Hire appointment, notify the emergency hired employee, submit an Employee Change E-TRAC (Action: Termination, Reason: End of Appointment). The effective date of the E-TRAC is plus one day of the last day worked. Instruct the employee to initiate Payroll's Clearance Procedure.

Hiring Supervisors shall develop a list of job-related interview questions to be asked of all interviewed candidates to ensure equal consideration. All candidates interviewed must complete and submit an SF State Application form.
Whenever possible, a minimum of three (3) candidates shall be interviewed. Although the Hiring Supervisor may conduct the interviews alone, often recruiting is more effective when interviews are conducted by at least two people. The standard number of members of a search committee is between 3 and 7. The Hiring Supervisor and each member of the search committee shall prepare a written rating of each candidate based on the interview questions.
Reference checks shall be conducted on the recommended number one and the number two candidates. There should be two areas of questions asked in the reference process:

  1. The qualifications of the candidate, i.e., duties performed, skills demonstrated, level of performance, degree of initiative and judgment, etc., and
  2. How the candidate acts in interpersonal relationships, i.e., problem-solver, team-player, etc. Questions about the effectiveness of the candidate?s dealings with peers, superiors, and students are appropriate. Information gathered during the reference process should be recorded; however, notes should not be made directly on the application/resume.

For an emergency hire appointment, the Administrator may offer the appointment to the selected candidate. All recruiting materials including the original application/resume for all candidates, interview questions, reference checks must be forwarded to Human Resources at the conclusion of the search process.


  • The forms listed below must be completed by the employee and reviewed by an HR college/department Liaison and Administrator and submitted to Human Resources, Safety & Risk Management, ADM 252, within the first three days of employment:

    ?    A New Employee Sign-In Packet:  
    Biographical Information For All Employees (HR #002-A)
    Application (if a resume was submitted)
    Conditions of Employment (HR#200)
    Oath of Allegiance (STD 689)
    Designation of Person Authorized to Receive Warrants (STD 243)
    Employee Action Request (EAR) (STD 686)
    Social Security Information (SS - A 1945)
    Employment Eligibility Verification (IRCA) I-9 form
    **Verify the Social Security Number
    "Non-Posted positions" shall not be extended past 180 days (60 days for Unit 4).   If essential functions must continue past the 180 days, the position must be posted in SF State Careers on-line job announcement for a minimum of 14 calendar days either prior to or within the 90th day of the appointment.

The employee will experience a break in service if the 180 days has passed and the minimum posting and hiring requirements have not been met. The employee may apply for the posted position.  The applicant is considered an SF State University employee for 9.3 purposes on the 91st day of the appointment.

Candidates appointed for 180 days or less are not eligible for Health/Dental/Vision/Fee Waiver Benefits, are required to belong to a Retirement System, will accrue Vacation leave, Sick leave, Personal Holiday and may be eligible for Compensatory Time Off/Overtime pay. An hourly intermittent employee's accrual rate is prorated.

Questions unrelated to the position may be perceived as discriminatory and lead to litigation. Thus, questions about a candidate?s education, scholarship, experience, skills, as well as work values, style and approach to work and work relationships are appropriate. On the other hand, queries about age, religion, disability, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, and financial status must be avoided. Indirect questions that might elicit information unrelated to the position should also be avoided. Examples include asking the dates of educational attendance, asking for a photo, asking any question about general physical condition, asking about an arrest or conviction unless it directly relates to the qualifications for the position.
Maintain confidentiality in the interview process; do not discuss the candidates or anything about the interview process with anyone not directly associated with the search process. It is essential that all applicants know that all applications will be accorded equitable consideration and confidentiality and that their application will be judged against the position description and position qualifications. All application materials including interview notes/ratings and reference notes shall be forwarded to Human Resources at the conclusion of the search.
Understanding roles and responsibilities as a supervisor are essential in the appropriate application of authority in hiring. No SF State University employee shall make decisions affecting selection, appointment, tenure, compensation, promotion, termination, other employment status or interest of an "immediate family member" (spouse, parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, sibling, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, first cousin, registered domestic partner, step-parent, stepchild, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and by guardianship and/or adoption or a person residing in the immediate household employees or roomers. Relative of domestic partners shall be treated as relatives of spouses). Effective Date: Jan 1992, rev 2/04, June 2009