Discover SF State University

Since it was founded in 1899, San Francisco State University has stayed true to its mission “to create and maintain an environment for learning that promotes respect for and appreciation of scholarship, freedom, human diversity, and the cultural mosaic of the city of San Francisco and the Bay Area.”  The exceptional talent at San Francisco State University helps transform dreams into reality. 

Choosing SF State means joining a team unlike none other in the world, it means becoming part of: 

SF State Community

By joining SF State, you become a member of a community of talented and dedicated people whose abilities, skills and actions provide essential support for the teaching and research activities for which the University is internationally recognized.

A Driver for Change

Since its founding, San Francisco State University has played a key role in the progressive revolution. In ways big and small, educators, scholars, students and staff have banded together to promote the University's commitment affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, diversity and inclusion.

Great Benefits

SF State University your present and your future in mind. Our benefits cover who you are today and everything you want to do tomorrow. This not only includes the basics, it also includes wellness programs, education assistance and retirement plans.

Why Join a California State University (CSU)

We are proud to be part of the prestigious array of universities that make up the California State University network. Every member of this community is dedicated toward fulfilling their potential thereby propelling the our students to archive their dreams. Use the button below to discover the profile of a CSU community.