Designating a Beneficiary

Is your beneficiary designation up-to-date? It is important to officially designate—and update, as needed—the person(s) you want to receive benefits from the Lump Sum Beneficiary, and life insurance plans in the event of your death.

It is important to update your beneficiary designations when life changes occur. Not updating your beneficiary designation(s) can cause an unpleasant surprise at a very stressful time in your intended beneficiary's life. For example, if an ex-spouse is still listed as your beneficiary at the time of death, that person may receive benefits that you intended someone else to get upon your death.

Also, please don't forget to update your Emergency Contact information if it has also changed.

Following is information to make the task of updating your beneficiary designations easier:

Final Pay - Designation of Person Authorized to Receive Warrants

The Designation of Person Authorized to Receive Warrants (STD 243)(PDF) is the form you complete to designate your beneficiary to receive any outstanding pay owed to you by CSU, San Francisco State University, including settlement pay, vacation, CTO, etc.).

The designation remains in effect throughout your employment with CSU, San Francisco State University, unless the designation is superseded by the filing of a new designation. This form is maintained by Payroll Services. Assistance in updating this form is available through the Customer Service Center.

Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designation

Plan Information

Beneficiary Designation Form

California Public Employee's Retirement System (CalPERS)

CalPERS Beneficiary Designation Form

(This multi-part form is used to name a beneficiary to receive any CalPERS death benefits, if you should die before retiring.)

PST (Part-time, Seasonal, Temporary Retirement Plan)


PST Beneficiary Designation

TheStandard Insurance Company (CSU)  CSU Standard Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation / Change Form