SF State Years of Service Recognition

The annual Years of Service Recognition Program is dedicated to honoring staff members who have reached service milestones and continue to fulfill the University's mission.  Join us in thanking and congratulating the 2020 honorees for all their hard work, commitment and service to SF State! 



Employees enjoying a celebratory brunch together.
Employees together onstage with former President Wong.
Employees and leaders giving a standing applause.

35 Years of Service

Irma Almaguer

30 Years of Service

Teresa Dziadur

Theresa Hoyt

Elise Ficarra

Linda Schaffer

Anarose Schelstrate

Susan Shimanoff

25 Years of Service

Jennifer Baccay

Gilbert Bardsley

Jane Dewitt

Brita Larsson

Deborah Masters

Forrest Mcfarland

David Parker

Janet Remolona

Yim Wong

20 Years of Service

Donna Walker Blount

Jenny Chau

John Cleary

Beverly Colindres

Aimee Good

Tianne Feliciano

Christine Fogarty

Hong Huynh 

Matthew Itelson

Christopher Johansson

Anthony Kelly

Sandy Lee

Sylvia Leng

Manuel Maranan

Ronald Marzke

Myrna Medina

Victoria Narkewicz

Gabriela Segovia-McGahan

Anne Slaughter

Andrea Spillane

Kelly Vuong

15 Years of Service

Christa Amouroux

Lynn Anderson

Connie Carranza

Annette Chan

Mei Chin

Nichole Coleman

Elizabeth Detrich

Catriona Esquibel

Darleen Franklin

Diana Fung

Jill Lienau

Cynthia Losinsky

Carlos Martinez

Dylan Mooney

Candy Mou

Irina Simon

Lynn Sudhivarakom

Zhuo Tan

Jocelyn Tolentino

Peter Verdone

10 Years of Service

Janet Alford

Jesse Ataide

Maria Echon

Jack Daley

Stacie Guan

Julie Briden

Carlos Julio

Julio Ramirez

Michael Small

Cheryle Thao

Todd Wanerman

Kim Wong

Jun Min Zhang

5 Years of Service

Theodore Albiniak

Robert Barbarino

Aaron Benn

Dylan Cardiff

Brian Devereux

Heidi Fridriksson

Ashly Gallegos

Chris Ikeda

Mariana Lara Jurado 

Shanshan Liu

Breeann Lisa

Martin Reese

Jessica Mankus

Katie Murphy

Emily Ng

Heidi Ng

Tam Nguyen

Thao Pham

Ty Robinson

Amber Rodriguez

Devone Taylor-Rodrigues

Hanh Tran

Nhu Trinh

Hongyu Yang

Lori Beth Way

Angelina Wong

Taryn Wong

Mai Choua Xiong

35 Years of Service

Jose Cazares

30 Years of Service

Julio Feliciano 

Carmelita Wu

25 Years of Service

Raymond Castillo

William Choi

Hugh Huang

Greg Salih

Tram Tong

Trung Truong

20 Years of Service

Michael Cramer

Stacy Gin

Erasmo Flores-Gonzales

Estela Lopez

Ryan McGuire

15 Years of Service

Alex Antonio

William Blunden 

Yan Ci Cai

Yan Juan Cai

Yin Lau Chan

Xiao Hong

Ellen Lo

Ying Lok

Rhina Rivera

Xuan-Hoa Nguyen

Thanh-Huyen Tran

Nancy Trinh

10 Years of Service

Michelle Marie Dacoco

Scott Kern

Sahull Ameer Basha Nagore

5 Years of Service

LaCora Ayala

Ramses Barrios

Michael Beatty

Andrew Colling

Yongyi Chen

Loida Domingo

Primo Estillomo

Elmer Estrada

Frank Fasano

Mirna Flores

Anthony Hall

Cynthia Howell

Maria Huang

Evan Ji

Casey Jones

Larry Lee

Moran Lin

Angelica Lumas

Daniel Mackie

Isabel Marin

Harold May

Luis Merida

Felipe Moreno

Sylvia Piao

Marlon Rensch

Marina Shevyakova

Greg Strom

Kevin Umanzor

John Wilson

ShuMei Xie

Dennis Yu

40 Years of Service 

Earlene Frierson

35 Years of Service

Mabel Chan

Josephine Cheng

Coeliflor Guerrero

Samuel Jones

Hanh Nguyen

Jeffrey Oconnor

25 Years of Service

Sandee Noda

20 Years of Service

Mindy Chui

Alicia Lam

Hanna Pham

Jose Reyes

Rebecca Sanchez

Renee Stephens

Martha Villanueva

Yenbo Wu

15 Years of Service

Lawrence Birello

Fely Claudio

Victoria Decastro

Anna Fung

Maria Gabon

Benson Jen

Aaron Kitashima

William Luu

Patrick McFall

David Rodriguez

Christopher Sugarman

Monolito Twyman

10 Years of Service

Roshan Khan

Jason Seto

5 Years of Service

Caren Cubas-Forsyth

Priyam Das

Arlene Daus

Erin Elgersma

Benjamin Forchini

Itza Gonzalez

Joanna Lei

Eurania Lopez

Melissa Saucedo

30 Years of Service

Ann Goldman

15 Years of Service

Inga Soule

5 Years of Service

Mimi Choi

Shae Hancock

Andrew Lok

20 Years of Service

Irina Krasnitskaya

15 Years of Service

Thomas Mullaney

10 Years of Service

Ken Maeshiro

5 Years of Service

Vicky Lee

30 Years of Service

Mary Lee

Service Recognition Guidelines

Who is eligible?

  • Staff & Administrators (MPP)

What service is counted?

  • Part-time and full-time appointments

  • Temporary, probationary and permanent appointments (with the exceptions outlined below)

What service is not counted?

  • Student assistant, Teaching Associate, Graduate Assistant, and Instructional Student Assistant service & Faculty are not eligible.

  • Casual Worker and Special Consultant service is not eligible.

  • Service at another CSU or state agency

  • breaks in service 

Why does it look like my State Service or CalPERS Service does not match my service recognition?

  • State service and/or CalPERS service is calculated differently than service recognition time.  State service and/or CalPERS service may include employment at outside agencies.

What do I need to do to ensure my time is counted correctly or if I feel I should be receiving an award?