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CSU Learn is a learning management system (LMS) that offers more than 75,000 online courses, books, and videos. Some learning activities include communications, leadership, management, project management, and professional effectiveness. CSU Learn also offers certification lessons that include but not limited to Microsoft, Oracle, and Project Management Institute. 

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Bundles: Learning bundles are theme-based resources​ (courses, videos and articles) that have been curated and packaged for easy access. Each bundle has multiple activities so you can pick and choose the learning cont​ent that most appeals to you. Various contributors to the CSU Learn site can put together a bundle of articles, videos, books, courses, audiobooks, etc. about a specific subject. The CSU Chancellor’s Office (CO) and the Skillsoft Persipio platform have created most of those pre-curated bundles below. 

Performance Evaluation, Adapting to Change, Administrative Skills, Advertising, Return to the Workplace, Builds Relationships, Hybrid Teams, Working Virtually Bundles, Communication Bundles, Customer Focus, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Bundles, Drives Accountability, Mindful Meeting Exercises, Motivates & Inspires, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Positive Psychology, Presentation Skills, Strategic Thinking, Time Management, Work Life Balance, Cloud Security Bundle, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Analytics, Asana, Best Practices in Project Management, Statistics, Budgeting, Excel, PowerPoint, Google SlidesPrezi, Tableau, Introduction to SQL, Power BI, Python, C/C++ Programing, etc.

Topics: You can use the Topics tab in CSU Learn to choose from different subjects. In particular, under the “Skillsoft Persipio Content” Topic in the CSU Learn Library, you will find various sub-topics that include but are not limited to:

Product Management, Data, Professional Improvement, Project Management, Sales & Marketing, Management, Productivity & Collaboration Tools, Customer Service, Cloud Services, Security, etc.

Journeys: Journeys can be thought of as a collection of content that is organized in terms of levels of expertise. The purpose of journeys is to take a user from being a Beginner at a skill to a Pro. Once the user completes a Journey, the user can earn a certificate. Journeys are available to progress in your career, learn marketable skills, and make an impact in your organization. Each Journey delivers a comprehensive curriculum with hands-on practice and assessments towards a unique credential. Journeys are delivered in one or more tracks, each aligned to the next step in your career.​​ Click on the journeys listed below to explore. 

Aspire Journeys for Business Skills, Aspire Journeys for Technology & Developer --- These are collections of journeys. Those journeys include but are not limited to:  

Administrative Assistant Journey, Social Media Strategist Journey, Security Analyst to Security Architect Journey, Sales Manager Journey, Python Novice to Pythonista, Pythonista to Python Master, Programing in C++ Journey, Office Manager Journey, Public Relations Manager Journey, Human Resources Journey, Customer Success Manager Journey, Customer Service Representative Journey, Data for Decision-Makers and Leaders, Data Visualization Mastery, Data Analyst to Data Scientist, Engineering Lead Journey, etc.