Questions & Concerns

As the principal representative body for staff in matters of shared governance, we want to hear from you, our staff! If your questions are not answered below, fill out the qualtrics form or email us at:

The Staff Council hopes to provide:

  • An avenue for Staff to participate in the campus community
  • A place for Staff to build a sense of community among SFSU Staff
  • A body that amplifies the voice of Staff in matters of planning and decision making
  • A space for Staff to engage in leadership & personal development

The Staff Constitution is an organizing document for the staff as a whole. It defines who’s being talked about when we use the word “staff,” describes the ways in which organized staff can benefit the campus, and prescribes the organization to represent the staff in matters of shared governance. The Staff Constitution can only be amended/changed by a vote by the staff as a whole, so this is where the framework of staff participation in shared governance lives.

The Staff Council Bylaws are the working instructions for the operations of the Staff Council. This document defines the work done by the leadership and the committees of the Staff Council. This document can be amended/changed by the Staff Council as it primarily deals with regular Staff Council functions.

Current Committees Include:

Shared governance is the participation by stakeholder groups in advising & decision making. Participation is via committees & working groups that provide input on processes, policies, and planning at all levels.

For more information directly related to SFSU:

The Staff Council is a new governance body intended to provide an avenue to address issues or concerns that fall outside of Collective Bargaining, and to amplify or introduce the staff voice in places where it had previously been silent. This body would be complimentary to, and not competitive with, the various SFSU Unions.

Collective Bargaining

The items listed below CANNOT be addressed via shared governance:

Shared Governance

The items listed below CAN be addressed via shared governance:

Wages Process Improvement
Hours Policy Creation & Advising
Working Conditions Committee Participation
Benefits Service Projects & Events
Grievances/Complaints Communications
Anything covered in the contract Recognition

Staff Unions

Union Units Contact Info
Union of American Physicians & Dentists (UAPD) Unit 1

Labor Representative

Tim Jenkins

California State University Employees Union (CSUEU) Units 2, 5, 7, 9

Chapter 305 President

Sandee Noda

Academic Professionals of California (APC) Unit 4

Chief Steward

Jamil Sheared

Teamsters Local 2010 Unit 6

Chief Steward

David Hagstrom

Statewide University Police Association (SUPA) Unit 8

Labor Representative

Emiliano Balistreri