Staff councilor collage

Councilor Roster

1. Staff representation

There shall be one Staff Council seat for every 35 eligible employees, (defined as a person employed at least half-time by the San Francisco State or its auxiliaries in a non-faculty, non-managerial (MPP) and non-executive capacity, and whose primary role is providing supporting services), rounding to the nearest whole number (minimum of one). Employees will be grouped according to their Bargaining Unit (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9) - including the C99 Confidential Employees as an additional unit for the purpose of allocating Staff Council representation and voting - with the following exception:

  • Unit 9 shall be distributed into four separate categories as distinguished in Affirmative Action Plan ("AAP": General Technical Support, Information Technology, Research & Data Support, and Technical Data Support).

Apportionment should be reviewed after the completion of the first year of the Staff Council. After the first review of apportionment, it shall be determined what changes – if any – need to be made and whether a further study should take place the following year or on a three-to-five-year cycle by the Equity and Inclusion committee.

2. Additional members of the Staff Council

  •  One Faculty Representative and one Lecturer Representative as chosen by the Academic Senate; voting
  •  One Undergraduate Student Representative and one Graduate Student Representative as chosen in consultation with the Associated Students, Inc.; voting

3. Ex-officio members of the Staff Council

  • University President or Designee; non-voting
  • President of APC (Unit 4) or Designee; non-voting
  • President of CSUEU 305 (Units 2, 5, 7, and 9) or Designee; non-voting
  • President of SUPA (Unit 8) or Designee; non-voting
  • President of the Teamsters (Unit 6) or Designee; non-voting
  • President of UAPD (Unit 1) or Designee; non-voting
  • AVP of Human Resources or Designee; non-voting

4. Staff Council member title

Staff Council members shall be Councilors.


Councilor Roster 2023-2024




Term Expires

Staff Role on Campus

Unit C99 Janet Remolona 2025 Personnel Officer, LFCoB
Unit 1 VACANT      
Unit 2 VACANT      
Unit 4 Paula Hsieh 2025 Student Services Professional, Athletics
Unit 4 Herman Lee 2025 Student Services Professional, DUEAP
Unit 4 VACANT      
Unit 4 VACANT      
Unit 5 VACANT      
Unit 6 VACANT      
Unit 7 David Apelt 2025 Administrative Support Coordinator, Academic Resources
Unit 7 VACANT      
Unit 8 VACANT      
Unit 9 General Technical Support (GTS) Caroline Alcantara 2025 Admin Analyst/Specialist, COSE
Unit 9 GTS Kendra Harris 2025 Admin Analyst/Specialist, LCA BECA
Unit 9 GTS Chanda Jensen 2025 Admin Analyst/Specialist, Campus Rec
Unit 9 GTS Ash Klein 2025 Info Tech Consultant, CPaGE
Unit 9 GTS Chelsea McNutt 2025 Admin Analyst/Specialist, CHSS CAD
Unit 9 GTS Mary Menees 2025 Admin Analyst/Specialist, Graduate Studies
Unit 9 GTS Devi Ruslani-Reyes 2025 Admin Analyst/Specialist, CHSS SoSW
Unit 9 GTS Anarose Schelstrate 2025 Admin Analyst/Specialist, GCoE ELSIT
Unit 9 GTS Mirna Vasquez 2025 Admin Analyst/Specialist, Academic Senate
Unit 9 GTS VACANT      
Unit 9 Information Technology (IT) Daniel Fontaine 2025 Information Technology Consultant, DPRC
Unit 9 IT Dylan Mooney 2025 Information Technology Consultant, AT
Unit 9 IT Dominic Sciucchetti 2025 Instructional Support Assistant, CHSS
Unit 9 IT Denzel Vaovasa 2025 Instructional Support Tech, CHSS
Unit 9 Research and Data Support (RDS) Samantha Ward 2025 Space and Facilities Utilization Specialist, CHSS
Unit 9 RDS Carlos Julio 2025 Associate Academic and Institutional Studies, GCoE
Unit 9 Technical Data Support (TDS) VACANT      
Unit 9 TDS VACANT      
Unit 9 TDS VACANT      
Faculty Representative VACANT      
Lecturer Representative Duc Ta  

Lecturer, Computer Science

Undergraduate Student Representative VACANT      
Graduate Student Representative VACANT      
University President or Designee* Husamettin Erciyes   Downtown Campus Operations Manager, UE
President of APC [Unit 4] or Designee* Jamil Sheared   Student Services Professional, Athletics
President of CSUEU [Units 2, 5, 7 & 9] or Designee* Robyn Ollodort   Info Tech Consultant, Academic Technology
President of SUPA [Unit 8] or Designee* VACANT      
President of the Teamsters [Unit 6] or Designee* VACANT      
President of UAPD [Unit 1] or Designee* VACANT      
AVP of Human Resources or Designee* Ingrid Williams   AVP of Human Resources

*Ex-Officio (holds the role as a result of their status or another position that they hold), Non-Voting Member