Time Sheets Implementation and Training Information


Beginning May 7, 2012, HR,S&RM and DoIT will implement Time Sheets, which is part of PeopleSoft/Oracle 9.0 HCM time recording module.  Instead of using paper forms (Form 634 and Student Vouchers) and Time and Labor Batch Sessions, hourly staff and student employees will log into the SF State Portal SF State Gateway and enter hours worked online for the pay period.  Authorized supervisors will also log onto the Portal to validate/approve hours submitted by employees they supervise.  The online hourly time submission functionality will be available for the May 2012 pay period. 

To prepare for the Time Sheet go-live implementation, Human Resources asked your Student Payroll Liaison to identify Approvers for hourly student employees in your respective departments/areas.  Time Sheet Approvers for your hourly staff employees will be the same approvers currently designated to approve reported time in Absence Management.


Time Sheets Tutorial / Guide

(A)  Student Employee Report Your Time Guide

(B)  Hourly Employee Report Your Time Guide

(C)  First Level Approver Guide - Reported Time

(D)  Second Level Approver Guide - Payable Time



June 11, 2012  -  Subject: Second Level approval for Timesheet's

Through a process that ran in HRMS, any time that was approved by your first level approver and waiting for approval by the second level approver between 6/4 and 6/6 was inadvertently approved by Payroll. In order to view this time please ask your ETRAC Creators to run the query "SF_TL_Payable_time". If assistance is required in running this report, please contact fivehelp@sfsu.edu or by phone X54357.  

To ensure all hours for your Student Employees and Hourly staff is paid on time please navigate to the SF State Gateway, click on Employee Services then on the "Second Level Approvers" link and verify that no time is waiting for approval. If you have any additional questions regarding this process please contact your payroll technician.




For questions regarding Time Sheet communication and program, please contact 5-Help at extension 54357.