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“We Make RECOGNITION Happen”


Awards Announced at Next Administration and Finance Town Hall.



The Administration and Finance Peer Champions program is a home grown peer-to peer recognition A&F pilot program, created by employees of A&F for employees of A&F.  It is designed to recognize and celebrate the unique and outstanding contributions of our A&F peers.  As it is in its initial launch phase, we do anticipate a pilot end date of January 2016.


We value building community by celebrating the exemplary work and camaraderie shared within our organization.  We value and appreciate the quality of our employee’s work and life environment, recognizing exceptional innovation, collaboration and service excellence.

Program Objectives

  • Provide the A&F community the opportunity to recognize, praise, congratulate and support their peers
  • Share in the rich and varied recognition stories
  • Make recognition a natural part of the way we do business
  • Promote the goals, mission and values of A&F and the University


Peer Recognition Categories

There are 3 broad categories intended to capture the variety of ways great work is done and individuals can be recognized.



“An individual who is a resourceful and creative problem solver”.

This award category is for an individual who through their work:

  • Develops innovative solutions to business challenges, which help improve the way work gets accomplished
  • Approaches challenges as opportunities for growth and learning
  • Contributes to a culture of sustainability at SF State through efficiency actions or sustainability projects



“An individual who promotes positive morale, helping and/or mentoring others”.

This award category is for an individual who through their work:

  • Positively influences others in working towards departmental or organizational objectives
  • Seeks opportunities to share valuable resources
  • Invest time and effort in creating a sense of team, by building bridges for individuals or groups to come together as active participants



 “The unsung hero who works behind the scenes, going above and beyond”.

 This award category is for an individual who:

  • Provide a unique level of service that breaks down boundaries and/or create new relationships to improve the way work gets done
  • Consistently provides high quality, reliable  work and serves as a role model to others in the process
  • Demonstrates a steady willingness to improve work situations without prompting or fanfare


Nomination Eligibility

  • Any full time or part time A&F staff member is eligible for recognition under this program.
  • Any full time or part time staff is eligible to participate in the Peer Champions program.
  • Created as a peer-to peer recognition program, created by employees for employees, the nominations shall not be accepted from MPP’s or Confidential staff. 


To Nominate A Peer

 Please click here to complete and submit the Peer Champions nomination form.  Nominations are voluntary.  

The “Peer Champion” departments to be featured are:

Fiscal Affairs

To provide feedback or obtain additional information, please contact:

Lindsay Harsha   415.405.3720