Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is professional development (PD)?

A: The process of improving one's skills and competence in order to become a major asset to the organization and to one's own personal journey. This learning journey is fueled by training opportunities, coaching, mentoring, application and access to education. 
Q: Do I need it?
A: PD is for anyone desiring career and personal advancement. It is for anyone who wishes to effectively navigate an unfamiliar and/or challenging situation that requires a new set of skills, perspective and knowledge. 
Q: What type of trainings are offered? 
A: The PD department contains various trainings in the form of live interactions, workshops and/or video presentation. The trainings cover universal topics, especially as it relates to soft skills (communication, leadership development, self-awareness, etc.)
Q: Who is eligible to access the trainings?
A: Represented employees, MPP-Administrators and C99 Confidentials 
Q: I want a specific training for my department, how do I approach this?
A: The PD Department can design specialized training programs that target the individual needs and interests of each department.

Our goal is to deliver relevant trainings that result in immediate application and sustained knowledge. To help with this, we may ask for survey responses and/or interviews to develop a personalized training program.

Q: How does CSU Learn tie into this department?
A: The PD Department will utilize the CSU Learn platform to guide employees to courses that fulfil their desired career goal(s). We will also use this portal to develop specific training courses.
Q: How does the 1:1 career coaching work?
A: Employees can schedule a meeting with the Organizational Developmental Manager to devise a strategic plan and set realistic, actionable steps based on their skills, expertise, and career goals.


Q: What is the location of trainings?
A: All trainings will be delivered on the SF State Campus
Q: With whom do I report employee conduct issues and/or performance behavior?
A: Please direct your inquiry to our  Labor & Employee Relations Department?
Q: I'm a faculty member who would like assistance in areas of professional development. Whom should I contact?
A: Please contact Office of Faculty Affairs & Professional Development Team
Q: I'm a staff member who would like help in mediating a conflict and guidance on filing a possible complaint. Whom should I contact?
A: Please contact: Office of the Ombuds