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last updated: 02/21/2019

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What we have heard

  • What is PageUp: PageUp People (PageUp) is the CSU selected CHRS Recruiting Solution.

  • The Chancellors office has curated various submitted question on CHRS Recruiting (PageUp). To access, please use yout SF State ID and password.
    If you have campus specific questions, please send them to, subject: CHRS Recruiting

CHRS Recruiting Solution Guiding Principles 

The following guiding principles have been set for by CSU HR leadership and agreed upon by the CHRS Recruiting Module Team Leads:

  1. Provide a paperless end-to-end, recruiting process; (from the initial “Request for Hire” to the “Manage Hire process”).
  2. Provide standardized recruiting processes and practices where possible, but allow maximum, flexible campus options to support campus specific business needs and campus branding
  3. Develop comprehensive recruiting requirements to support both staff and faculty functions.
  4. Engage stakeholders. Stakeholder engagement and inclusion is a critical component of the CSU culture to ensure buy-in, adoption and ownership of the recruiting solution by our campuses.

Expected Benefits of CHRS Recruiting Solution

Following are the expected benefits of implementing the selected Recruiting solution, PageUp:

Faculty and Staff Excellence
  • Improve the CSU’s ability to attract and recruit the best and fitting talent by equipping CSU recruiters with modern and powerful recruiting tools, thereby enhancing the CSU’s competitiveness during talent acquisition
Operational Efficiency
  • Standardize the CSU on one recruiting tool in one instance
  • Reduce overhead and resources for upgrades and enhancements
  • Drive Best Practices through use of common recruiting system across all CSU campuses
Data Analytics
  • Improve confidence, efficiency and timeliness of system wide reporting
  • Allow for greater data integrity in regulatory reporting
  • Allow for aggregation of more actionable data
  • Allow for enhanced analysis of recruiting expenditures and candidate pipelines to improve hiring effectiveness
Campus Flexibility
  • Provides an opportunity to standardize business processes and data to support compliance and ease of implementations while also allowing for significant flexibility in differences in campus organization and operations

System Equality

  • Provide all CSU campuses, including small and mid-size campuses, with state-of-the art tools necessary for success.
CSU External Image
  • Transform initial impression presented to prospective candidate through professional campus level branding.
Technical Benefits
  • Allows for high degree of configuration down to the requisition level.
  • CHRS Recruiting Solution (PageUp) is ISO 27001 Certified. Meets IT security management standards.
Cost Benefits
  • Reduces support operational costs overall for the CSU system.
  • Allows elimination of campus specific 3rd party solutions.
  • Version-less system eliminates costly upgrades.
  • Enable strategic deployment of recruiting resources based on data and analysis.
  • Holistic system to support both staff and faculty recruiting (no longer requires bifurcated systems)
Risk Reduction Benefits
  • Compliance management – single instance, provide updates for federal updates and state updates.