Management Recruiting Guidelines & April, 1999; Rev. February, 2004

The recruitment of administrators is a collaborative process among the Deans/Directors and Human Resources staff. Since the recruitment process is not bound by collective bargaining provisions and since an administrator within the Management Personnel Plan (MPP) serves at the pleasure of the Campus President, hiring procedures are discretionary and determined by the nature of assignment and administrator level. Generally, administrator MPP appointments are made subsequent to a search process conducted in accordance with University guidelines; however, an appointment may be made without a formal search process where the appointment is determined to be in the best interests of the University. All administrator MPP appointments require the approval and signature of the University President.

General guidelines are presented below; however, procedures may differ on a case by case basis.

Administrator I, supervisor, and Administrator II, manager, positions entail similar recruiting procedures to those for staff:

  • position descriptions are prepared by the Dean/Director and reviewed by Human Resources;
  • position is posted in the SFSU Employment Bulletin for two weeks; ads are placed by HR in local newspapers;
  • initial receipt of applications occurs in HR, then forwarded to the Department for interviews by the Dean/Director;
  • interviewing may be conducted either by the hiring manager or by a search committee
  • recommendations for hire are submitted to HR with the employment offer made by HR;
  • letter of offer is most often prepared and signed by the HR Officer.

The process begins to differ with higher level Administrator positions.

Administrator III, director:

  • position descriptions are more often in the form of general outlines or a single purpose statement;
  • positions are also often posted in the HR Employment Bulletin but for a longer period i.e., one month;
  • ads are placed in professional or trades journals as well as local and regional newspapers;
  • a search committee is usually formed and the applications may go directly to the Search Committee (if the applications go directly to the Search Committee, the Committee must assume responsibility for maintaining all records and submitting them to HR at the conclusion of the process for CSU, state and federal reporting requirements); the Academic Senate policy regarding the formation of search committees may apply to Administrator III positions.
  • offer of employment is often made by the Vice President or Dean/Director (HR will often consult with the Dean/Director or VP about salary and benefits negotiations prior to the offer and HR will make the offer if desired);
  • letter of offer may be prepared by HR or reviewed by HR but will most often be signed by the VP of the appropriate cabinet area.

For Administrator IV, Vice Presidents, Associate Vice Presidents, Deans and Executive Directors, HR is rarely involved with the process until the recruitment has been completed and an offer has been made. At the conclusion of the process, the HR Officer will be consulted to prepare and/or review the letter of offer for compliance with MPP provisions and other benefits and accounting issues.

General issues:

  • Prior to the initiation of a search process or interim/temporary assignment for an Administrator III or IV position, Academic Senate Policy F92-180 should be reviewed for compliance.
  • The HR Officer shall review all letters of offer for administrators
  • All administrators must participate in an MPP Orientation meeting with the HR Officer
  • HR will meet with search committees and provide guidelines and tips for recruiting, interviewing, selection and salary negotiations at the discretion of the hiring manager or search committee
  • Initial salary is based on equity with similar administrator positions on Campus and external market data (the HR Officer will conduct individual analyses and provide advice concerning salary determinations)
  • Employees may be reassigned or promoted into an MPP position without a formal search as part of a reorganization, a leadership, mentorship, career planning or succession planning process or when unique skills and abilities of the individual are necessary to meet the mission of the University as long as the appropriate consultation has occurred. The HR Officer shall be consulted for all reassignments or promotions