Human Resources Practice Directives & Guidelines

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001 Equal Employment Opportunity

P001 Non-Discrimination Policy

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100 Recruitment/Employment

P101 Nepotism

Nepotism Compliance

Employment "Your Right to Know" - Clery Act

For Staff

New Employee Relocation Policy - SFSU follows the California State University Internal Procedures Governing Reimbursement for Moving and Relocation Expenses,  for faculty relocation please visit: New Faculty Household Relocation

P105 Recruitment Guidelines

P105 Recruitment Policy for Positions of 180 Days or Less (No Posting Required) Temporary Administrative Assistant/Coordinator

P156 Special Consultant - Independent Contractor Hiring Procedures

P 156E Volunteer Acknowledgement Guidelines - Administrator / Staff


For Faculty

P105D Appointment of Substitute Faculty

P114 Research Fellow Guidelines

P153 Grant Related/Specially Funded Instructional Faculty Appointments

P 156E Volunteer Acknowledgement Guidelines - Faculty

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200 Conditions of Employment

HR#200 Conditions of Employment [WORD]

P201 Fingerprinting program

P202 Protecting Confidential Data Guidelines

P203 Conflict of Interest - For Administrators (COI)

P206 Progressive Discipline Guidelines

P211 Additional Employment Guidelines

P220 MPP / Management Reconsideration Procedure

P230 Telecommuting Program Telecommuting Agreement Form

Telecommuting Home Safety Guidelines

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300 Compensation

P300 Compensation Guidelines

P301 Honorarium

P301A Honorarium Payment Request Form

P320 Classification Program for Non-Faculty Bargaining Units

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400 Employee Benefits

P413 Catastrophic Leave Donation Program P413A Catastrophic Leave Donation Form [PDF][WORD]

P445 Reasonable Accommodation Program

P415 Leave of Absence Without Pay: includes family and medical leave

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500 Employee Development and Evaluation

P530 Performance Management Guidelines

P530C User Friendly Principles

P530D Principles of Conduct for a Multi-Cultural University

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600 Human Resources

700 Payroll Procedures

Clearance Procedures

Executive Order

Executive Order 1083 Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect

Executive Order 883 Systemwide Guidelines for Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Programs in Employment


University Executive Directive UED 02-26


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