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Greetings Gators!

A Specialist with the CalHR Savings Plus 401K/457 program, will be hosting on site individual meetings to assist you.


September 30, 2019 Reported Time Submission Instruction


08:00am- 9/5/2019  thru  01:00pm- 9/6/2019


To align with our HR values of equity and transparency, we would like to remind you of your excess vacation options!

San Francisco State University Human Resources believes that communication with our staff and faculty will ensure that all your HR service needs are addressed effectively.

July May

If you have retired or planning to retire from San Francisco State, you have the opportunity to join your friends, and keep in contact with all the activities going on at the University.


We are excited to introduce the use of Electronic Signatures Digital Forms through DocuSign. With DocuSign, departments can now initiate and submit all recruitment paperwork electronically.