Student Employment - Summer 2017

Monday, May 08, 2017
To: Supervisors and Department Support Staff with Student Employees
From: Human Resources, Payroll Department
Subject: Student Employment - Summer 2017
Graduating students cannot work beyond May 25, 2017, unless they are a continuing student in the upcoming Fall semester. If they are a continuing student, they will need to be hired as a “Bridge” student for the summer (see below).
For those students who are graduating/not continuing employment, it is important that Payroll be able to release their final paycheck to them on their last day of employment. In order to do this, a manual timesheet must be submitted. Please complete and submit a Summer Student Pay Voucher, and indicate the termination E-TRAC number on top of the timesheet. This must be submitted to Payroll at least 5 days prior to separation.
The last day students will be able to work under Work-Study job codes is May, 25, 2017. The following Work-Study job codes are impacted and are NOT eligible for Work-Study allocations during Summer 2017:
  • Work-Study Students (1871)
  • Work-Study Students (1875)
  • Instructional Support Assistants (1151)
During the months of June, July and August, student workers who meet certain criteria will be required to be placed in a “Summer Bridge” position and contribute to Retirement and Medicare under Internal Revenue Services (IRS) regulations.
Students who meet the following criteria must be placed into a Bridge position (class code 1874):
Enrolled in less than 3 units of summer classes.
Work more than an average of 20 hours per week during the summer period 6/01/17 through 8/31/17.
1600 Holloway Avenue, ADM 252
San Francisco, CA 94132
tel: 415/338-1872
fax: 415/338-0521
Only the following students are exempt from paying Retirement and Medicare deductions; They do not need to be placed into a Summer Bridge position.
  • Students enrolled under a J1 or F1 Visa.
  • Students enrolled in at least 3 units per month.
  • Students who work an average of 20 hours or less per week during the summer period 6/01/17 through 8/31/17.


Department staff must complete an E-TRAC to place students into a summer Bridge position (class code 1874). E-TRACs must be submitted and approved by the department by June 15, 2017. Any that are submitted after this date will result in a delayed payment.
  • If you do not currently have any active Bridge appointments for any student or an existing Bridge appointment has been terminated, E-TRAC creators will need to process an Employee Hire E-TRAC to create a new Bridge appointment for the student.
  • If an active Bridge appointment for a student already exists, and the appointment end date has not expired, E-TRAC creators will need to complete an Employee Change transaction as follows:
  • Action: Data Change
  • Reason: New Temp Appointment
  • If a Bridge appointment has expired but has not been terminated and the appointment date is not continuous, then the appointment must be terminated by completing a Termination E-TRAC and then submitting a separate New Hire E-TRAC.
  • Pay Rate changes to active appointments require an Employee Change E-TRAC as follows:
  • Action: Pay Rate Change
  • Reason: Student Pay Rate Change
  • Summer - Instructional Support Assistants (1150): For any 1150 changes in hours worked after initial appointment, please contact your Payroll Analyst for further information. Please monitor your student total hours worked for all positions.
  • Class/Job Code 1150: Appointment end date should be August 31, 2017 (end of Summer).
  • If an 1150 employee is working more than an average of 20 hrs. per week, the employee will need to be placed in a retirement plan. In order for Payroll to assign the retirement plan, hours scheduled must be indicated in the “Remarks” section of the E-TRAC.
  • If a change occurs regarding average hours worked (more than or less than an average of 20 hours per week) during the month, an E-TRAC must be submitted to indicate the change in hours worked, which may result in a change in their retirement contribution.
For further assistance, please contact your payroll technician, or utilize the payroll service request form at:
Thank you.