Reminder to retirees considering post-retirement employment with San Francisco state University

Friday, July 26, 2019

Find below an announcement on retired annuitant employment:

CalPERS retirees (from CSU and other California state/public agencies) are required by law to wait 180 days from their retirement date before working as a retired annuitant for any CalPERS agency, including the CSU / San Francisco State University. Note: the 180-day wait period does not apply to eligible faculty who retire and elect FERP (Faculty Early Retirement Program) participation.

• Employment duration of a retired annuitant is restricted to working 960 hours in a fiscal year.

• Hiring a retiree prior to their meeting the required 180 day waiting period, or employing them in excess of the 960 hours limit per fiscal year, jeopardizes their retirement benefits and/or requires reinstatement from retirement and is strictly prohibited.

This provision is in compliance with the requirements prescribed by the Public Employees’ Retirement Law and the Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013.


For further information and provisions reference  CalPERS post-retirement employment 



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