About Us - Frequently Asked Questions

About EU

We are a group of SF State employees who have come together to form the Employee University- known as EU at SF State.

Mission Statement

We, representatives of SF State campus community, are committed to empowering SF State employees. The Employee University will provide opportunities for comprehensive professional development through practical learning applications.

Program Description 

Employee University is a professional and personal development program for employees. The course instructors are primarily SF State employees. This program is designed to be responsive to the wishes of our employee population, and to create opportunities for learning. By engaging employees in the learning process, the University seeks to provide employees the means by which to advance their careers and personal lives.


"Investing in U"


“Together, We Make Professional Development Happen”


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I earn a degree through Employee University?
A:  No, this program does not offer any accredited degrees. These classes are not University sponsored classes. If you are a student looking for classes go here http://www.sfsu.edu/online/clssch.htm .
However, certain course curricula may result in receiving an endorsement in a particular area (e.g. a Supervision endorsement).
Q:  Will there be finals and projects as part of these classes?
A:  These classes are designed to result in real world application.  There will not be tests so much as practical opportunities to develop your skills for use outside the classroom. The goal for this program is learning and application, not for academic purposes.
Q:  Is there any cost to take a class through Employee University?
A:  No, classes through Employee University are offered at no cost.
Q:  How do I sign up for a class?
A:  Fall 2017 classes coming soon.
Q:  If I require accommodations, who can I contact?
A.   Employee University welcomes persons with disabilities and will provide reasonable accommodations upon request.  If you would like reasonable accommodations for any of the courses offered, please contact eu@sfsu.edu
Q:  Where are the classes going to take place?
A:  Classes will be conducted here on the main campus.
Q:  Who is eligible to sign up for classes?
A:  Employee University is a professional and personal development program exclusively for SF State faculty and staff employees. If you are a student looking for classes go here http://www.sfsu.edu/online/clssch.htm
Q:  What if I am interested in teaching a class?
A:  Please contact us at eu@sfsu.edu to discuss your interest.  Employee University is predicated upon employees both engaging the program as students as well as instructors.