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As an employee of the California State University (CSU), you have a comprehensive program of health benefits including medical, dental, vision, flexible benefits programs and more available to you and, in many instances, your family.

Below please find information to help you understand and navigate the rules, guidelines and deadlines governing the CSU Benefits Program.


Eligibility Requirements and Enrollment Deadlines


Faculty Employees Eligible for Membership

  • Faculty employment for at least 6 weighted teaching units (.40) for one semester or more is covered by CalPERS retirement membership immediately upon appointment of the employee. (Government Code 20305(2)


Pension Reform - Classic vs PEPRA Membership

The California Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act (PEPRA), which took effect in January 2013, changes the way CalPERS retirement and health benefits are applied, and places compensation limits on members.

As defined by PEPRA, a new member includes:

  • A member who first established CalPERS membership prior to January 1, 2013, and who is rehired by a different CalPERS employer after a break in service of greater than six months
  • A new hire who is brought into CalPERS membership for the first time on or after January 1, 2013, and who has no prior membership in any California public retirement system
  • A new hire who is brought into CalPERS membership for the first time on or after January 1, 2013, and who is not eligible for reciprocity with another California public retirement system


Eligible Dependents

Employees may enroll the following dependents:

  • Spouse
  • Domestic Partner**
  • Unmarried child or economically dependent child under age 26 ***

**The IRS has ruled that the actual cost of the domestic partner benefit is taxable income to the employee. Federal income, social security and Medicare taxes are deducted monthly from the employee’s paycheck upon addition of a domestic partner to the health and/or dental plans.

***Employees who enroll dependents age 24 - 25 may incur additional state income tax liability.


Required Documents

If you plan to enroll any dependents (spouse and/or children), please have the following documents and information available at the Orientation:

  • Marriage Certificate (spouse) or
  • Declaration of Domestic Partnership (Domestic Partner)
  • Birth Certificate (dependent child under 26) or
  • Adoption Certificate (adopted child under 26)
  • Affidavit of Eligibility for Economically Dependent Children (economic dependent under 26)
  • Social Security numbers are required for all dependents

*** All documents must be in English. If they are not, they must be translated and notorized prior to submission.***


Enrollment Deadlines - **Applies to new faculty whose effective appointment date is August 15, 2019 and attends the New Faculty Orientation. New faculty who do not attend the New Faculty Orientation, and whose appointment date is August 22, 2019,  the effective date of health and dental coverage will not be effective earlier than October 1, 2019.

Enrollment forms must be received within 60 days of your appointment. The last day to turn in enrollment forms to the Benefits and Retirement Services team is October 15, 2019.  Please consult the table below for health plan enrollment deadlines and effective dates.








Friday, August 23, 2019


Friday, September 20, 2019


Friday, October 11, 2019


September 1, 2019


October 1, 2019


November 1, 2019






Friday, August 29, 2019


Friday, September 20, 2019


Friday, October 11, 2019


October 1, 2019


November 1, 2019


December 1, 2019







(*) Indicates premium is CSU Paid



(no enrollment forms required)


September 1, 2019


If the deadline is missed, employees may enroll in health and dental insurance plans after a 90-day waiting period, from date of receipt of health and dental forms to Human Resources Benefits team, under the Health Care  Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), or during the annual open enrollment period with coverage effective the following January 1.


Employees are responsible for notifying the Benefit office within 60 days of any life changes that may require changes to their benefit plans, such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child or a child turning age 26.

Medical Insurance Plans

Employees that are benefits eligible may enroll in one of several medical plans for themselves and their eligible dependents:


Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)

Employees select a primary care physician who coordinates all care including referral to specialists.

Anthem BlueCross Traditional HMO California

Anthem BlueCross Select HMO California

  • Dedicated to delivering quality care and great value.
  • Both plans offer programs that help members become involved in their health and wellness.  
  • For more information, call (855) 839-4524.

BlueShield Access+ HMO (Effective 01/01/2019 - Not Available in Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma counties)

  • Access to more than 11,000 personal physicians and 300 hospitals.
  • No annual deductible; copayment at each physician visit.
  • For more information, call (800) 334-5847.

 Health Net SmartCare California

  • Budget-friendly HMO plan with a tailored list of quality providers for selected California counties.
  • Ideal for employees who want one primary care physician to coordinate all their medical care. 
  • For more information, call (888) 926-4921.

Kaiser Permanente

  • Integrated health care system.
  • No annual deductible; copayment at each physician visit.
  • For more information, call (800) 464-4000.

United Healthcare Alliance HMO California

  • Quality patient-centered healthcare at lower costs.
  • Distinct network of providers offers collaborative care and health management. 
  • For more information, call (877) 359-3714.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPOs)

PERS Choice and PERSCare (administered by Anthem BlueCross of California) 

  • Choose your health care providers and pharmacy without referral.
  • Offers significant savings through a preferred provider network (doctors and hospitals that agree to charge a pre-negotiated rate for everyone on the plan). Non-network providers may be used, but co-payments will be higher.
  • PERS Choice pays 80 percent of allowable amount (in-network), member pays 20 percent; cop-pays are applicable.
  • PERS Care pays 90 percent of allowable amount (in-network), member pays 10 percent; co-pays are applicable.
  • Annual deductibles must be met before some benefits apply.
  • For more information, call (877) 737-7776.

PERS Select (administered by Anthem BlueCross of California)

  • Same level of benefits as PERS Choice at a lower monthly premium cost.
  • Available in 54 of the 58 California counties (not available in Alameda, Marin, Placer, or Solano counties, or out-of-state).
  • Access a list of preferred providers through the PERS Select network (Approx. 50 percent of the PERS Choice physician network).
  • For more information, call (877) 737-7776.



*Rates effective January 1, 2019.

CSU Employer Contributions


CSU Employee Costs

Dental Insurance Plans

Employees that meet benefits eligibility may enroll in either Delta Dental (PPO) OR Delta Care USA (HMO) for themselves and their eligible dependents. Both plans are administered by Delta Dental of California. The premiums for these dental plans are paid by the CSU.

Delta Dental (Indemnity and PPO)

  • Enrollees may select a dentist of their choice.
  • Members may choose a dentist in the Delta Premier or Delta Dental PPO network and pay less.
  • The plan sets the limits it pays for each specific type of dental treatment. Members are responsible for paying any remaining balance.
  • You will need to complete and submit your own claim forms for services provided by a non-Delta dentist.
  • Register online for member services and to view your claims.

DeltaCare USA (Dental HMO)

  • Enrollees and their eligible dependents are required to use a dentist who is a contracted DeltaCare USA provider.
  • Most basic services are covered at no cost.


Dental Plan Enhancements for the PPO

Delta Dental added a couple of new dental enhancements that are effective January 1, 2019 for the Delta Dental PPO Plan:  Diagnostic and Preventative Maximum Waiver and SmileWay Wellness Benefit.

When employees visit a PPO dentist, their diagnostic and preventative services (like cleanings and exams) will not count against their annual maximum.


Delta Dental Pays

You Pay

Your remaining maximum

Without D&P Maximum Waiver




With D&P Maximum Waiver





SmileWay Wellness Benefit is an enhanced coverage for higher risk employees.  Employees with these qualifying diagnosed medical conditions (diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis or stroke) are offered expanded coverage such as one periodontal scaling and root planning procedure per quadrant per calendar year covered at 100%.  In order to use this great enhancement, employees will need to opt in by going to deltadentalins.com/csu.  Log in to their Online Services account.  (If they don't have one, click Register.)  Click on the Optional Benefits tab in the left column, then click on Opt In next to the name of the person they want to enroll, complete and submit the form.  Employees may also sign up by phone at (800) 626-3108 to speak to a Customer Service representative Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 8:00pm, Pacific Standard Time.

Vision Plan

All Faculty members appointed for at least 6 weighted teaching units (.40) for one semester or more are automatically enrolled in the vision insurance plan.

  • Premiums are paid by the CSU.
  • May visit any licensed ophthalmologist, optometrist or dispensing optician of choice.
  • Administrator is Vision Service Plan (VSP).

The vision plan includes:

  • One comprehensive eye exam every calendar year.
  • One pair of lenses every other calendar year (or calendar year if your prescription changes) and one frame every other calendar year.
  • Contact lenses every other calendar year when contact lenses are provided in lieu of all other lens and frame benefits.

CSU Vision Plan - Basic

Under VSP, the following vision benefits are available to eligible CSU employees:

  • In-network frame allowance - $95;
  • Out-of-network frame allowance - $60;
  • In-network contact lens allowance - $120;
  • Discounts of approximately 15% for laser correction surgery are available

CSU Vision Plan - Premier

All CSU active employees eligible to participate in the CSU VSP Basic Plan are eligible to enroll in the Premier Vision Plan for a small monthly employee cost share. The Premier Vision Plan enables you to get a higher allowance for frames and contacts, fully covered standard progressive lenses, and more discounts.

The CSU will continue to contribute $7.47 towards the monthly premium which appears as a vision deduction on pay warrants. If the employee chooses the​ Premier Plan, the additional cost will be deducted directly from their pay warrant. Premier Plan will be administered by VSP.

If the employee elects the Premier Plan, any dependents they wish to cover must also be enrolled into the Premier Plan coverage. Employees cannot choose to enroll in both the Basic and Premier vision plan coverage at the same time, or split their enrollment leaving any dependents on the Basic Vision Plan. Eligible employees must enroll through VSP directly.

Under the VSP Premier Plan, the following vision benefits are available to eligible CSU employees:

  • In-network frame allowance - $200;
  • Costco frame allowance - $110;
  • In-network contact lens allowance - $200;
  • Polycarbonate lenses are covered for dependent children in-network up to age 23, instead of age 12; and
  • Frames/lenses/contacts every calendar year

Accessing Benefits

  • Claim form is not required when using standard in-network benefits.
  • Services provided by a non-VSP provider must be paid in full by the employee. For reimbursement, complete a VSP Out-of-Network Reimbursement form


Enrollment Forms

The forms listed below are required for benefits enrollment:


·         CalPERS Health Enrollment Form

·         CalPERS Declaration of Health Coverage

·         Dental Enrollment Form

·         Standard Life Insurance (to be mailed directly to The Standard Life Insurance Company)


·         FlexCash Form (required if you choose to waive health and/or dental coverage due to having other non-CSU/CalPERS coverage - PROOF OF GROUP COVERAGE REQUIRED)

·         Dependent Care / Health Care Flexible Spending Account (required if you choose to enroll in the IRS governed dependent care and/or health care flexible spending account.


CalPERS Retirement Plan

The California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) offers a defined benefit retirement plan. It provides benefits based on members years of service, age, and final compensation. In addition, benefits are provided for disability death, and payments to survivors or beneficiaries of eligible members. By statute, the California State University (CSU) participates in the CalPERS program. Membership is mandatory for those CSU employees who are eligible.

CalPERS uses contributions of the employer and the employee as well as income from investments to pay for employee retirement benefits. Employee and employer contributions are a percentage of applicable employee compensation and are made on a pre-tax basis; federal and state taxes are deferred until benefits are paid. Any investment return on an employee’s account is also tax-deferred. The investment of contributions are managed by CalPERS; therefore, employees do not bear any investment risk. Employee benefits grow with years of service and final average salary.

For the most current and detailed information, employees can visit the CalPERS website or call CalPERS at (888) 225-7377. Members may log into MyCalPERS to manager their account online.


Retirement Benefits – All Employee Groups (Except Public Safety)



PEPRA Membership

Classic Membership

Employment and Membership

Hired by state and new CalPERS member on or after January 1, 2013.

Hired by state and new CalPERS member between January 15, 2011 and December 31, 2012

Hired by state and new CalPERS member prior to January 15, 2011

Retirement Formula




Highest Benefit Factor





5 years

5 years

5 years

Minimum Retirement Age




Salary used to calculate retirement

Average highest 36 months (subject to cap)

Average highest 36 months

Average highest 12 months

PEPRA Compensation Cap


$124,180 for Social Security participants

$149,016 for Social Security non participants



401(a)(17) Compensation Limit


2019 $280,000

2019:  $280,000

Not applicable to employees with CalPERS membership prior to 7/1/1996




CalPERS uses contributions of the employer and the employee and income from investments to pay for employee retirement benefits. Employee and the employer contributions are a percentage of applicable employee compensation.

Classic Member Contributions


The employer contribution is set annually by CalPERS based on annual actuarial valuations. The employee contribution is 5% of salary for Miscellaneous Tier 1 members and 8% for Peace Officer/Firefighter members less an exclusion allowance for coordination with Social Security.

CSU Employee Group Employee Contribution ​​Employer Contribution ​​ ​ ​
14/15 15/16 16/17 ​17/18 ​18/19
​​​Benefit Plan: Classic Miscellaneous Tier 1 - 2%@ Age 55 and 2% @ Age 60 Formulas ​​ ​​ ​ ​

Faculty (R03)

5% of monthly salary, less an exclusion allowance of $513 for coordination of Social Security.



24.280% 25.150% 26.728% ​28.423% ​29.396%

PEPRA Member Contributions


The employer contribution is set annually by CalPERS based on annual actuarial valuations. The employee contributions can vary by fiscal year for all Plans and are set by CalPERS and subject to provisions of the California Public Employees' Pension Reform Act of 2013.

CSU Employee Group Employee Contribution Employer Contribution ​​
14/15 15/16 16/17 ​17/18 18/19​
Benefit Plan: PEPRA Miscellaneous Tier 1 - 2% @ Age 62 Formula
CalPERS Benefits into Retirement: New Tenure Track Faculty/New CalPERS Members Appointed On Or After July 1, 2017

Vesting Required - 10 Years



If you have questions regarding the benefits enrollment process, please contact the Benefits and Retirement Services Analysts for your alpha group listed below: