Pregnancy Leave

Pregnancy Leave

If a female employee is disabled by pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition, she is entitled under California Government Code Section 12945 (b) (2) to take pregnancy disability leave.

  • Up to four months (88 work days for a full-time employee) disability leave.
  • If more than four months of leave is provided for other types of temporary disabilities, the same leave must be made available to women who are disabled due to pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition.
  • Only when actually disabled (includes time off needed for prenatal care, severe morning sickness, doctor-ordered bed rest, childbirth, recovery from childbirth, and related medical conditions as certified by a doctor).
  • This leave is without pay, but the employee may use vacation, personal holiday, CTO or sick leave.
  • Runs consecutively (not concurrently) with FML leave.

A permanent female employee may also have the right to an unpaid leave of absence due to pregnancy, childbirth or the recovery there from, under California Education Code Section 89519.


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