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  • What is design Review

Design Review (Dec 6th - Dec 8th 2017)

The pupose of design review was to:

  • To enable Campus Leads and SMEs to confirm that the multi-campus design works for all campuses
  • To enable Campus Change Teams to begin to identify and plan for work that is needed on their individual campuses to adopt CHRS

Patricipants reviwed proposed functionality for each module serving as a quality check before the CHRS build begins. For more information, please click CHRS Design Review

The campus community has expressed the need to provide clarity on:

  • What is CHRS.
  • What changes are we likely to expereince. 
  • When will the general campus experince its effects.


SF State CHRS team will update the project site as the project progesses in order to provide documented answers to these question. Here is a brief update to these critical questions.

  • What is CHRS: The acronym CHRS stands for Common Human Resources System. The goal of the project is to provide a single HR data management system and business processes in all 23 California State Universities and the Chancellors office. For more information, please click on the Information tab .


  • What changes are we likely to experience: Once the design phase concludes, a prototype of the single HR data management system will be developed and fit-gaps will be used to determine areas of deviation from our existing processes. Once these areas are identified, training sessions on the new system will be conducted and new business processes implemented as nessesary in order to allow all stakeholders to experience an easier transition.
  • When will the general campus experience these changes: Currently the project is in its design phase.