Additional Benefits


California Casualty's A+ Auto and Home Insurance Plus

Group rates for automobile, home, boat, and other insurances are available form California Casualty's A+ Auto and Home Insurance Company.

Call 1-877-411-1422 for more information on this voluntary insurance.


Patelco Credit Union (formerly CalState 9 Credit Union)

Located in Building C in the Village at Centennial Square, Patelco Credit Union (formerly CalState 9) offers employees a full range of financial products and personal banking services.

Click here for more information.


Commuter Check

Commuter Check* is a benefit available to SF State employees that helps you save on your commute. The benefit works by allowing you to deduct up to $255 monthly out of your paycheck pretax to use for your commute to and from work when you use public transportation. The money can be redeemed straight to a Clipper Card or onto a Commuter Check prepaid MasterCard that you can use to purchase your usual transit pass.
How do I sign up?
1. Create an account at and select New User Signup from the menu on the left page.
2. Enter 1095 for the company ID
3. Enter your information for enrollment verification: Name, Last Name and Zip Code
4. Once logged in to your commuter benefits homepage, select “Place an Order” then select Transit
5. Search for Transit Authority Name or enter zip code to select the product needed for your commute. Typically this is Clipper Card or Commuter Check MasterCard.
6. Select a transit product to load on to your Clipper Card or enter the load amount if you have selected the MasterCard option.
7. After selecting the product you need for your commute, choose from the different recurring billing options.
8. When finished, simply select checkout!
9. After completing your order with Commuter Check, please visit the Parking and Transportation office located on North State Drive, Corporation Yard and fill out a payroll deduction form indicating the amount that you have elected to have deducted each month.
You may elect to deduct up to $255 pretax each month from your paycheck.  You may elect to deduct more than this maximum amount, but deductions exceeding $255 per month will be deducted from your post-tax income. 
Please feel free to reach out to Parking and Transportation with any questions by calling 415-338-2746 or by emailing
Learn more on Parking's website
*Please note, faculty cannot place orders on Commuter Check for months when they will not be receiving a paycheck since they are not commuting to SF State during that time.  Student workers and hourly employees are not eligible for the benefit.


Please be advised that Commuter Check Program is a pre-tax transit benefit available to active SF State employees only.  Once an employee separates from employment with SF State, any funds remaining in the  Commuter Check MasterCard account can only be used until the end of that benefit month.  You may transfer funds to a Clipper Card  up to the maximum Clipper card value of $300 .  At the end of said month, the MasterCard becomes inactive and the remaining balance shall be forfeited per IRS Code § 1.132–9.


Golden State Scholar Share College Savings Trust

Employees may save money for college expenses by participating in the Golden State ScholarShare Program, California's 529 college savings trust. The money goes into the account after taxes, but the interest accrued is not taxed, either on the federal or state level, if withdrawn for college expenses.

Employees can open an account on-line. There is no open enrollment period. Payroll deductions can be set up, or the employee can have the money automatically deducted from a checking account.

Click here for more information or to establish an account.


Pre-Tax Parking Deduction Plan

Employees may enroll in the Pre-Tax Parking Plan by contacting Parking and Transportation at or by phoning 415.338.1441. Once enrolled in the plan, the payment is automatically deducted from the employees paycheck prior to federal, state, Social Security, and Medicare taxes being calculated.

To cancel the pre-tax parking deduction, fill out the Pre-Tax Parking Deduction Election Authorization.

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