SF State HRSRM | Employee & Labor Relations

Directive Practice P530B

April 2002


Employees are encouraged to prepare a self assessment to facilitate
discussion during the evaluation with their supervisor. Although the self
assessment is not required, preparing it does provide the employee an opportunity
to participate in the process and it allows both the employee and evaluator
to share feedback and clarify expectations. The self assessment should
be retained by the employee.


Your Name: ...............

Classification: ................... 

Evaluation Period: From (mm/yy):




IMPORTANT NOTE: When entering data in the large boxes include a <P> whenever you would like a paragraph marker.

List your major responsibilities:

Review the seven (7) dimensions of performance. Note your accomplishments
and challenges during the evaluation period. Indicate level of performance
achieved using the NEW four (4) point scale provided below:

5 = Superior     4 = Above Satisfactory     
3 = Satisfactory     2 = Needs Improvement     
1 = Unsatisfactory

1) Knowledge of policies, procedures, and programs: Scale=

Demonstrates organizational awareness; knows administrative
policies and procedures; has knowledge of business practices; provides
accurate information on policies and procedures; makes information easily
accessible to all members of the campus community.

2) Skills and abilities: Scale=

Demonstrate data analysis skills, written and verbal
communication abilities, information technology skills, judgement, problem
solving and decision making skills, teamwork, project coordination, work
practices and contributions to the campus, CSU or community. Refer to P530.17
for full description; select four skills and abilities and comment below.

3) Quality: Scale=

Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness; displays
commitment to excellence; looks for ways to improve and promote quality;
applies feedback to improve performance; monitors own work to ensure quality.

4) User Friendly Interactions: Scale=

Acts/behaves in a manner that reflects respect,
courtesy and civility, appreciation, empathy, trust, inclusion and consultation.
Establishes and maintains effective work relationships; offers assistance
and support to co-workers. Understands lines of reporting, responsibility,
and accountability. Provides accurate information; makes information easily
accessible to all members of the campus community.

5) Quantity: (Includes attendance and punctuality): Scale=

Completes work in a timely manner. Schedules time
off in advance; follows department procedures for requesting and reporting
use of leave; ensures work responsibilities are covered when absent; arrives
at appointments and meetings on time. Strives to increase productivity.

6) Planning and Results: Scale=

Prioritizes and plans work activities to meet unit,
department and college priorities and timelines; identifies needed resources;
plans and utilizes existing and new resources efficiently; accommodates
multiple demands for commitment of time energy and resources; adapts to
changing priorities, situations and demands; integrates changes.

7) Creativity and Innovation: Scale=

Engages in creative problem solving; thinks "globally";
knows how to re-engineer processes; is open and receptive to new ideas.


Add the ratings and divide by the number of 
dimensions rated. Describe your overall performance.

Additional Comments:

List the development objectives you've achieved during the evaluation
period. Next, list your developmental objectives, the activities through
which you propose to achieve them and the projected time frames.

Identify assistance and resources you need to achieve your development