MPP Bonus Incentive Program February 2000


The University President may grant an incentive bonus to administrators who distinguish themselves in their contributions to the University. Through their leadership, these administrators have demonstrated the ability to promote the University’s mission. Incentive bonuses are granted in recognition for achieving a specific goal or tangible result.


All members of the Management Personnel Plan are eligible for an incentive bonus. An incentive bonus may be granted in place of or in addition to any other increase to base salary that may be granted as a result of merit, promotion or reorganization. An incentive bonus is a single payment and does not increase base salary.


Guidelines for consideration of an incentive bonus include performance, achievement, effective collaboration and community service. Criteria include:

  • Developed and implemented a program that has enhanced or promoted the University’s mission
  • Contributed to significantly improving University business operations in order to achieve greater efficiency and ensure a Well-Run University
  • Enhanced the image of the University through the creation of a strategic internal or external partnership in the achievement of University goals and/or engaging in external community service activity that is deemed essential to the University’s urban role.


The articulation of specific measurable goals is incorporated in the SFSU annual budget request cycle in February of each year as well as in the annual MPP performance evaluation cycle in May-June of each year.

Administrators shall articulate specific goals in their annual budget request and/or complete page 2 of the MPP Performance Review detailing the goals, action plans and time frames for the following year upon which an incentive bonus will be based. A performance planning meeting shall occur to obtain signature agreement on the goals. A performance review shall be completed to assess the effectiveness as well as achievement of goals.

To initiate an incentive bonus, the Cabinet Officer may submit a written request with the completed assessment to the University President for consideration and approval.


The incentive bonus shall be calculated as a percentage of salary generally not to exceed 10% of annual base salary. Funding for the incentive bonus may derive from the annual MPP merit award allocation or from Cabinet funds. The total annual allocation for incentive bonuses cannot exceed 1% of the total annual base salary of administrators as of June 30 of the previous year (to be determined by Budget Planning and Resource Management).