Temporary Reassignment Quick Facts:

  • Approval of a temporary reassignment is subject to funding availability.
  • A temporary reassignment is a change in an employee's assignment such that the majority of total duties fall within a classification with a higher salary range.
  • The typical length of a temporary reassignment is six months.
  • This change requires a minimum of a 5% salary increase and must bring the employee's base salary above the minimum of the higher salary range.
  • A draft Position Description (PD) should be sent to Human Resources for classification review as soon as the possible need is determined.
  • A temporary reassignment will take effect at the start of the pay period following receipt of the completed paperwork in Human Resources, provided that this is received by the 15th of the month.
  • A change in assignment will not always meet the criteria for a change in classification and would be processed as a lateral reassignment or a PD update, which would not require a change in base salary.
  • After development of a final PD, funding approval, and notification to the employee, the following documentation should be sent to Human Resources:
      • The original signed PD;
      • A copy of a memorandum from the administrator to the employee regarding the change in assignment;
      • A new work schedule;
      • A resume or job application that demonstrates the employee's qualifications for the assignment.

Purpose of the Temporary Reassignment Program:

  • To meet organizational needs over the short to medium-term.
  • To cover a gap in coverage left by one or more vacant position(s) or leave(s) of absence within a unit or department.
  • To provide the opportunity for professional development and/or cross-training.